Showtime’s David Nevins Wants to Forget Season Eight of Dexter As Much as the Rest of Us(SPIN-OFF NEWS)


It all ends with him being a lumberjack, SPOILER ALERT.  As one of the few people who actually liked the finale(although it doesn’t excuse the rest of the season’s general shitty-ness), David Nevins has now come to say that the Dexter spin-off will basically be just “Dexter” in a new setting with a new cast, except that it will never happen.  In the interview Nevins just kind of seems to shrug and be like “yeah, whatever.  We’re in “talks” of doing a spin off, but only if Michael does it, and god knows he’s never returning after that clusterf*ck of a final season”.  No he didn’t explicitly state any of this, but he did seem very indifferent(if not completely against) making a spin-off of the show, which is very different from his earlier interviews where he talked about how much he wanted to continue Dexter’s legacy on Showtime in some format. 

GRADE:  A+ Because A) I thought the ending was pretty decent B) things could be much worse than Season Eight like say Season Six, and finally C) if MCH does actually decide to return I’m sure it’d only be if the script was really good, or he was out of cash.


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