The Following Season Two Premiere Review: Oh My God This Show Is So Bad, It’s Good.


Huggy, Hug.

This show is so f*cking bad, I love it!  I’m not going to lie I hate watch “The Following”, and I like it.  Here’s the thing about the “Following”, sure it’s pretty bad but there’s really no show like it.  Sure the show had the potential to be a great series in it’s own right, but the batshit craziness of the show is what keeps me watching.  Season Two has brought in three Dexter alumni in Sam Underwood(Zach Hamilton from Season Eight), Keith Carradine(Lundy from Seasons 2 and Four, he really deserves much better but at least he’s getting work on an enjoyable show), and Valerie Cruz(Sylvia Prado from Seasons 3 and 8), as well as the talented(albeit not the best at picking projects) Jessica Stroup aka Silver from 90210(yes folks I watched all five insufferable seasons of 90210, if only I had the blog back then that would be a lot of fun reviews to write.  The first three seasons weren’t that bad but the last two were absolutely horrific).  So here it is, Following Season Two is here, so how is it?

Well it’s the Following.  The acting is unsurprisingly amazing, Kevin Bacon(and eggs)  continues to do some great work.  Despite Silver being my least favorite character on 90210(god I feel so weird writing that), Jessica Stroup always seemed to be the most talented actress of the bunch, and it shows here.  Her character Max really adds a lot to the show, and is legitimately compelling, however knowing this show she and her boyfriend(either scenario he probably is one) are probably followers or she’ll die a brutal death. 

Sam Underwood’s characters seem to be the show’s way of filling in the kinky killers aspect we had with Emma, Jacob, and Paul last season.  The one twin dances in his underwear with the dead body of the girl he just killed to 70’s dance music, no joke.  Also he later makes one of the followers Carlos hug him and says “Huggy, hug”.  Only on this show, only on this show(although let’s be honest it could probably happen on AHS too).  I don’t know if they’re going to go “there” with the twins, but knowing this show and based off of some of the subtext I wouldn’t be terribly surprised.  Also one of them doesn’t seem to really want to be in the cult or kill anyone, so yeah that idea is probably going to pop up every season.

Joe Carrol is alive, and he’s got a beard now, and his wife Natalie Zea(I’m usually great at names but I’ll be honest I don’t remember like half of the characters names from last season) is dead.  Keith Carradine’s playing Ryan’s AA sponsor Barry, and he doesn’t really do much but he’s getting work so woohoo(he’s an excellent actor, really want to see him get more work).  The show also introduces new FBI agents who I assume will all be dead by episode three, also Valerie Cruz looks exactly like Debra Parker from last season here. 

The cult’s back up and running again, but is it imitators or the old crew(that very question is muttered about a thousand times in this episode)?  A mix of both, and they’re all kind of living together and right next to each other, which doesn’t make sense to me because wouldn’t it be easier to find them if they all stick together.  They also murder a bunch of people in a train while shouting resurrection wearing masks of Joe’s face, and I’m not going to lie the scene was so absurd I laughed a little bit.

One aspect I actually legitimately liked about the premiere of the show is that Ryan’s continuing his investigation without the assistance of the FBI. I thought that was a nice reveal, like I said the Bacon scenes are the best and I can’t wait to see him troll some followers. Also Max is a nice addition to the cast.

Overall, the Following’s second season premiere remains very entertaining.  The acting and straight up absurdity of the show is one of the things I really love about it, I even like the characters themselves, but the writing is just so dumb.  As long as the acting remains top notch and the story remains absurd I’ll keep watching the Following. Finally, I have to add it’s nice to bring T&T back to it’s roots by reviewing a show about serial killer(s) that’s really stupid. Ah nostalgia.

GRADE:  87% B(Graded on a Curve)


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