Parks and Recreation “Chris and Ann” REVIEW/MAJOR SPOILERS


Breakfast doesn’t fix everything, most things yes, but there do exist things that cannot be fixed by a delicious place of syrupy pancake goodness.  Thing’s like the departure of our sweet perfect little innocent sophisticated baby Ann, and y’know Chris, but mostly Ann.  Our sweet little Ann is leaving Pawnee, and if you think that she’s going to just get a few hugs and a cake and be right on her merry way, well there’s only one thing I got to say:  KNOPE!

This episode was a beautiful swan song for Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe’s characters.  This episode absolutely blew Community’s farewell to Troy out of the water.  The episode brought back some old faces to help say goodbye to Leslie’s beautiful sunflower Anne, and it was all quite majestic, the episode showed us all why we love the Leslie/Ann dynamic. I know a lot of people find Ann the least funny of the group, but isn’t that kind of the point? She’s around all these people with such dynamic personalities, and she’s always been the voice of reason, the show’s straight woman. Her and Leslie just compliment each other so beautifully.

The farewells were just superbly written. From Larry’s heartfelt advice which went pretty much unnoticed, to Ron’s “I enjoyed some of our time together”, and of course we couldn’t not mention April’s terrific scene with Ann. While the April/Ann scene may have felt a tad bit forced, I still absolutely loved it. It was just so nice to see the two finally sort of hash it out a bit(in a non confrontational way), and reveal their true feelings for each other. Also quick “Hey Ann, we used to date” goodbye was perfect for his character, I may give Andy a bit of shit sometimes(it’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just I find him the least entertaining of the group, and preferred April single) but this was a great moment.

The only real problem for me was the getting gifts for Chris storyline, it fell a bit flat and was dragged out a bit too long. The rest of the episode was amazing. Leslie’s party, her going back to her promise to Ann in the first episode, the familiar faces(though I was hoping for a Mark Brandanowitz cameo somewhere in there), and the final scenes between Ann and Leslie. The two sitting over the “pit”/park(in homage to the Season One finale, as well as the Season Two finale with Mark leaving) was super sweet, and then the final goodbye was just heartbreakingly amazing. This is how you send off a character. Absolutely perfect. Now I want some pancakes.
GRADE: A 95%
-The Chris gift storyline was weak.


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