House of Cards 2×02 “Chapter Fifteen” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Zoe Barnes is dead, long liv….NOPE!  Zoe Barnes is dead, as is any chance she had at taking down Underwood, though you might not want to tell Lucas that.  House of Card’s second hour deals heavily with ramifications of Zoe’s death, while also sheading more light on new characters like Jackie(played by Molly Parker of “Dexter” and “Deadwood”).  So how does “Chapter Fifteen” compare to the excellent(perhaps even one of the best season openers I’ve ever seen) season opener?  Quite nicely actually.

The character of Jackie compliments the show quite well I must say, and is certainly gearing up to be one of my favorites.  Parker portrays a ruthless politician but does it while making the character extremely likable and very sympathetic.  In the hands of a lesser actress the character could be a 2-dimensional cold blooded business woman with no time for emotions, but Parker’s performance elevates her beyond that and as a result has made her one of my favorite characters.

Oh our poor little Lucas, things our not going good for him.  Just in case you had any doubts about the finality of Ms. Barnes demise, we get to re-witness it multiple times via security footage in this installment.  While Lucas doesn’t necessarily serve as a threatening enemy to the Underwoods, the actor does an amazing job of portraying such a broken down character.  “It couldn’t have been an accident” was a such a heartbreaking line, and he did an excellent job of delivering it.  While Lucas may not be as compelling an antagonist as Zoe, it’s nice to see a broken down puppy dog antagonist every once in a while(possibly the strangest sentence I’ve ever typed). 

Wright and Spacy continue to deliver excellent performances.  I’ve noticed that Stamper’s role this season has been extremely insignificant(I’m currently on episode seven and while it’s gotten a bit more important it’s still very meh.  I feel like there’s an interesting character arc somewhere in Doug Stamper just waiting to be unleashed).  Though Rachel(hot ex-prostitute involved in the relapse of Peter Russo) gives the show some nice visuals at least. 

Overall, this was a very good episode and a nice little breather from the last episode.  I’m going to just skip to Episode Seventeen for my next review(2×04) because I completely forgot what happened in Episode Three.

GRADE:  A- 93%


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