The Walking Dead(Comic Book): Is “All Out War” the Epic Thrill Ride We Were Promised Or Is It an All Out Snore?


Hey it’s a comic book related post, so no one can say I don’t make good on my promises(even if it is several months after I make them).  I know there are a good amount of people unsatisfied with the current status of the “Walking Dead” comics as they’re getting maybe a tad bit ridiculous(but I mean really it’s a book about zombies where at one point an eye patch wearing serial killer in an army tank attacked a group of people living in a prison, so yeah), but I’ve got to say I haven’t been having the same issue.  Is the book the best thing ever?  No, but it’s still been a hell of a lot of fun to read.  Having just recently caught up on “All Out War” as we’ve now reached the mid-point, I have a lot of thoughts about it.  Some of them good, some of them…not so good.  So read on!



It’d be a fucking crime if I didn’t mention the Holly scene.  I mean wow, that was brilliant.  For those who have scrolled on having not read the recent issues but want to know the full extent of the scene it goes like this:  Holly got kidnapped a few issues back by Negan who mistook her for Andrea, last we saw her she was totally fine(you know aside from the whole being kidnapped by a group of psycho creeps).  So Negan decides he wishes to talk to Rick, and is using Holly as a bartering chip to do so.  Rick agrees to talk and Negan sends her over, she’s got a bag over her head and she’s got her throat all tied up.  So the good doctor Denise takes off the mask, BAM Holly’s a zombie, BAM Denise get’s bitten, BAM the Alexandria Safe Zone gets bombarded with explosives.  This scene should go down as the scene that defines the phrase “Well that escalated quickly”. 


Negan, Negan, Negan, oh what a lovely character.  Negan, despite his murderous tendencies, is such a fun character.  Never since Debra Morgan have I seen such a creative cusser.  One of the things I love about Negan is how he reacts to some of his followers.  His face when that one guy tries to emulate him by saying how hard he gets from all the murder and death, killing the guy that was going to rape Holly, and all of his interactions with his bat/occasional lover Lucille are just gold.  Negan may be a bad dude but he has some morals, he may be a larger than life super villain but he shows signs of humanity.  I really hope he survives “All Out War” or at least that Lucille get’s a new owner. 


Maggie becoming leader of the Hill Top is awesome.  It’s nice to see a female in charge, Maggie’s the best.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t get killed and that she and Sophia can have some happiness once this whole thing ends.


We’ve got to see a lot of side characters get some more focus in this story.  Heath(poor Heath lost a leg and his girlfriend all in the same day), Holly(albeit short lived), Eugene seems to be getting some(hopefully after all this he and Rosita can finally get together), and Aaron(now it seems he’s the only gay man left on Earth with poor Eric dead).  It’s nice to see some of the side characters get some development, and hopefully most of them will survive.  I hope to see more of the supporting characters in the future. 


Jesus man, and Ezekiel.  How cool would it be if Ezekiel, Jesus, and Michonne all became a team and just kicked the shit out of some zombies together, and they could bring Shiva back too(because why not?).  I honestly feel like Jesus and Michonne would be a better pairing though as both are just straight up badass thugs.  Though the thing I like about Ezekiel is that isn’t all badass, he’s got heart, and he’s a bit of a scaredy cat.  Hopefully he fairs better than Michonne’s other lovers(Tyreese, Morgan, her zombie boyfriend). 



The exact same thing that already happened with the Governor.  I mean sure there are a lot of differences but it all feels too similar.  This feels too much like it’s “Made 2 Suffer:  Electric Zombie Boogaloo”. 


There haven’t been any major deaths so far(I wouldn’t call Denise’s death or Holly’s that surprising from a character perspective), but I feel like we’ve all kind of grown numb to death.  I mean I feel like unless they kill off Rick no death will surprise me.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by Glenn’s death, but if Maggie, Andrea, or even Carl died I wouldn’t be all that surprised. 


There’s been a lot of pretty explosions and fighting but I can’t say anything all that important has happened, of course we’re only half way through the story. 


In spite of some flaws I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed AOW, could it be better?  Yes, it hasn’t exactly lived up to the epic buildup.  However I’m excited to see what all this could lead too. 

GRADE:  B 85%


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