The Following “Fly Away” MAJOR SPOILERS/REVIEW: SPOILER ALERT This Episode is Hard(l)y Even Trying to Be Good


This season has been less of a hate watch more of a torture watch, seriously the show has gone from stupid guilty pleasure to straight up hard to watch horrible.  This episode is however fun in the fact it’s completely shamelessly awful, and actually makes things a bit more fun to watch.  This episode perfectly embodies all of the reason “The Following” has failed to be ambitious network television attempt at trying to do a cable television type series. 

Funnily enough “The Following” yet again tears a page out of the “Dexter” season eight handbook with pretty blonde serial killer tries to tempt her grumpy serial killer lover into leaving to go to South America with her.  I found this incredibly amusing, first serial killer turned lumber jack now he’s got false hopes of running away with his blonde serial killing girlfriend to a South American country!  “Dexter” Season Eight isn’t just a season, it’s a state of mind.

The Venezuelan escape plan leads to some of the most amusing scenes in the shows history with dead prostitute’s serial killer in training daughter Mandy.  The writers really aren’t trying with this one, are they?  Here’s a paraphrasing of one of my favorite scenes from the episode…

LILLY:  Oh hey Mandy.

MANDY:  Hi Lilly.  Have you talked to Joe? 

LILLY:  No, why?

MANDY:  He might not want to go to Venezuela.  I do want to go, I like you people.  Can I go?

LILLY:  Yes sweetie you can go, you’re family now.

MANDY:  You should talk to Joe.

This is literally how the scene plays out, there are several other scenes with her in this episode that are quite similar to this one.  I was like did a real human being actually write this?  Did someone actually sit down at the computer and write this scene, and if so were they writing this scene with the intention that it would be hilariously bad due to the show’s reputation?  I really feel bad for the actress because she seems to be genuinely talented, but this character is perhaps one of the most hilariously badly written characters on the show(SPOILER ALERT:  She doesn’t go to Venezuela even though she very much wanted too, no real explanation she just leaves with Joe and Emma, poor Mandy).

Now out of absolutely nowhere Mike has decided to go crazy while Ryan is the “Woah, dude you shouldn’t do that” guy.  This absolutely ridiculous, like where did this come from?  The whole point of the season so far has been that Ryan’s going crazy and Mike’s trying to get him to stop and start thinking rationally.  Now this episode he goes and starts shooting and beating serial killers to a bloody and almost dead pulp, seriously guys this has to be a joke!

“You want to know makes me squirm, you dead and me doing it to you”

                                                                    -Mark(Creepy Twin #1)

Jesus Christ, this is not a joke.  This is an actual line of dialogue from the episode, word for word, yes the phrase “doing it” is used and yes it is used in that context of the word.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!  This has to be a joke, c’mon this show has to be trolling us!  There’s also casual usage of necrophilia in actual episode(what fun! NOTE THIS IS SARCASM).  Luckily Mark-y Mark gets his comeuppance by the episodes end when he gets shot and has his face beaten up.  He might even die(probably not), I was actually going to give the show some props if they had actually killed him off, but they didn’t. 

I have a question, what was the point of killing off Debra last season?  I mean they replaced her character with an actress that looks just like her, and has the same basic function.  I like Valerie Cruz, but this character is 100% useless when they had a character that served the exact same purpose last season.  

The episode had been leading up to the possibility of Joe maybe dying, and if they had done it I would have been really happy with the show.  Of course he manages to get away at the last second through his mole in the FBI(Fake Debra’s wife, who says the evil lesbian trope is dead?).  I mean are they f*cking kidding me, this is why people are so pissed off by this show!  That sequence with the FBI arriving was f*cking epic and they just kill it with “Oh he got a call and left, oh wow that guy that’s face has been plastered all over the f*cking news?  Wow I didn’t notice the resemblance.”.  So, so, so stupid. 

The acting is pretty good though.  The story itself is clusterf*ck and pretty laughable, but at least it’s well acted.  This episode felt like I was getting my brain stampeded over by a group of bulls.  Overall, this episode has entertainment value.  That’s really all I can continue to write without going insane. 

GRADE:  Um…This episode was funny to watch, and uh yeah.  Let’s be generous and just give it a C for Classic Poe.




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