Hannibal Season Two Premiere Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: This Show…It Scares Me…


Okay so this is the second episode of Hannibal I’ve watched, I saw the first episode on “On Demand”, but of course NBC and their brilliant marketing has decided that the best way to attract new viewers to a struggling series is to charge them for all of the episodes!  They also have them all on Amazon but I don’t have that either so I just jumped in(though I read up on some of the season one events).  So am I Fannibal, or was I left craving more? 

Firstly this episode made me want to cry lots and lots of manly tears.  I mean this was a horrifying episode, probably the most f*cked up show on television.  I went from NO LAWRENCE FISHBURNE to NO GILLIAN ANDERSON to NO HUGH DANCY to NO PUPPIES, this show is just pure intensity.  It’s a very stressful experience.  It’s good, very good actually, but I just don’t know how long I’ll be able to handle all this intensity. 

So let’s get talking, the season opens up with a huge ‘what in holy f*ck is going on’ scene where you’re just glued to your seat.  It was a very brave and daring move to open up with that scene and then to pull away with “12 Weeks Ago”. How talented is Lawrence Fishburne? I mean his work here is flawless, he’s very good at being effortlessly likable. Unfortunately with all of the recent gigs he’s booked I wouldn’t be surprised if Crawford doesn’t make it through Season Two.

My favorite scenes in the episode were without a doubt those between Gillian Anderson’s character and Hannibal. Gillian’s a terrific actress, and I’m very intrigued by where her story’s going to go from here. Her and Mads Mikkelson play off of each other very well, the two’s dialogue was fantastic. That scene at the end with Hannibal in her office alone sitting in his chair has me very worried about what’s next for her character.

Then there’s poor Will. I can only hope that Will can make it out of this whole ordeal alive, all of the psychological horrors Will is enduring are scary because they’re real in a sense. Seeing all of the characters interact with Will was great, seeing all of their reactions to his current states. Jack’s in particular is incredible. Will’s dreams give us a lot of excellent visuals, the scene where the one girl becomes a shadow was beautifully done and is some of the best television CGI I’ve seen in a while. There’s also a new serial killer on the loose whose particularly horrifying.

Overall, despite some mild confusion on my part due to not having seen the first season and being extremely terrified, I can safely say I’m definitely going to be tuning into this season of Hannibal. Excellent episode.

GRADE: A 94%


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