Saturday Night Live “Jim Parsons” Review

I don’t usually review SNL, but last nights episode was so incredibly atrocious I felt if I didn’t I was denying the people a really fun review(I’ll be honest I find negative reviews easier and much more fun to write, maybe I’m a horrible person.  Probably).  So where did the episode go wrong?  Was it really as horrible as I’m making it out to be(SPOILER ALERT:  yes, pretty much yes)?  Read on my friends to see the PROS and CONS of last nights Saturday Night Live.



I love Ellen DeGeneres like any sane human being would(seriously are there people who dislike Ellen?  If so do you hate puppy dogs, kittens, pizza, and candy as well?), but Kate McKinnon as Ellen was probably the best imitation of anyone I’ve ever seen.  The sketch itself fell flat but Kate McKinnon brought her A-game and it showed.  Her imitation was flawless.


This sketch was so bizarre, I loved it.  It was so extremely absurd and hilarious.  “You see that bird coming down from the sky son, that’s God”, oh I loved this sketch.


Mmmmmmmmmm….  Oh how I love Cecily Strong, she’s amazing.  Without a doubt my favorite SNL cast member, her Weekend Update jokes were as usual great.



I’ve really only seen Jim Parsons from his work on “The Big Bang Theory” from time to time, so I don’t know if he’s actually some really excellent actor.  However having gotten to watch him here I’d wager that’s probably not the case, it seems as if he’s only really able to play the part of Sheldon.  Some parts of the show were clearly written with Sheldon in mind, but there were also a lot that weren’t written with Sheldon in mind at all such as the Johnny Weir sketch, that he just completely bombed.  The Johnny Weir one really stands out in particular, it really just seemed as if they dressed his “Big Bang Theory” character up in super flamboyant attire and had him talk to Ellen.  He never ditched the Sheldon shtick throughout the whole episode and it definitely brought the episode down a bit, though it wasn’t the only thing.


Stop, just stop, no more Jebediah Atkinson!  I know a lot of people do enjoy that sketch but Jesus Christ this sketch just needs to die.  NO MORE JEBEDIAH ATKINSON!


A problem I often notice during Saturday Night Live is that they always drag the sketches out till no one cares any more.  The Weekend Update bit with Shaq was hilarious initially but eventually it just became distracting, so much I had no clue what Keenan Thompson was talking about. 


Not a whole lot to say but most of the sketches were just painfully unfunny.  That whole murder mystery date thing was horrific(but that actually sounds like a lot of fun in real life as long as the food’s good.).  That dance floor killer skit, the cowboy gift skit, it all just raised the question who the f*ck thought any of this was funny?



By now you were probably expecting me to talk shit about the new Weekend Update host weren’t you?  Well guess what I’m not!  While he didn’t do anything noteworthy or particularly good, it’s far too soon to decide whether or not he’ll do a good job.  It was his first night let’s give him a break, and hey even if he flops at least we have Cecily Strong!


This was a horrible episode, I in general like Saturday Night Live or at least enjoy it, but this episode was terrible. 

     GRADE:  D-  60%



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