Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” Revisited: Why I Love It, and Why You Should Too


I love “Dollhouse”.  To be completely honest with you it’s right up there with “Buffy” for me, and “Buffy” is my favorite Joss Whedon show.  “Angel” was excellent at times but it was a bit inconsistent, “Firefly” while good took some time get to the point where I really enjoyed it and when it did it was almost over, and well it’s really too soon to tell with “Agents of Shield” how that’ll turn out(having recently watched the first season of “Angel” it wasn’t really all that either, there were some brilliant episodes like the one where Doyle died and the season’s end, but there were far too many MOTW episodes).  I discovered “Dollhouse” over the summer through Netflix, and I was instantly sucked in by the show. 

I’m not totally sure what it was about the show that really drew me in, maybe it was the beautiful set(I can’t fully explain in words how much I loved the set for the “Dollhouse”, I can’t be the only one right?), the pretty people(Eliza Dushku, oh how I yearn for you to return to television, also I’m totally going to watch “The 100” if only to see Dichen Lachmen’s guest appearance), the superb acting, or the underlying sense of mystery the show had.  Something did though, and I’m happy it did because I quickly fell in love with the show.  Now to further elaborate, read below…


The fact he hasn’t found a regular television gig is god damn travesty.  While I loved all of the cast, Enver f*cking owned the show, seriously how is he not on a new show?  He gave his all in every episode, he really committed to each and every part he played.  From playing a super creepy serial killer and then playing college party girl(oh my god that was hilarious) all in the same episode, he took the concept and ran with it.  However the one part that really stood out was when he played Topher, besides it being hilarious it was scary how much he sounded like Fran Kranz.  Seriously someone get this guy a new show!


“What You Don’t Know” is my favorite theme song ever.  So eerie but strangely sexy, the show’s intro was good although maybe a bit too fan service-y(of course they show Eliza Dushku in the dominatrix suit).


“Epitaph One” really could almost standalone by itself, the episode is incredible.  Probably one of my favorite episodes of the show, the episode was horrifying.  I never though that anyone can make Amy Acker creepy, this episode proved me wrong.  The episode reminds me of “Restless” from Buffy, because of how unconventional it was for a season finale(even though it never really aired as such).  I’m a huge Felicia Day fan so I really loved seeing her play such a different role compared to what she usually does. 


The visuals on this series were superb.  As I already mentioned the Dollhouse itself was absolutely beautifully designed.  Also that episode where Echo is taken to the attic, where she goes on all of those dream quests or whatever was beautiful.


I’ve already mentioned the super talented Enver Gjokaj, but I also have to mention that the rest of the cast was really great too.  I’d say this was kind of like the Joss Whedon all stars we had Eliza Dushku, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Summe Glau, Mark Shepard, and even Alan Tudyk.  I mean damn, that’s a cast.  Fran Kranz also did a fantastic job, and as previously mentioned I love Dichen Lachmen.  While Paul was probably my least favorite character, Tamoh Penikett is fantastic, and Miracle Laurie was excellent as well.  It was also great to see Patton Oswalt in a role he wouldn’t usually be seen in(he always plays the funny messy best friend).


I think that by the time Patton Oswalt made his guest appearance was when the show really showed what it could do.  The Patton Oswalt episode was alongside with “Epitaph One” one of my favorite episodes of the show.  One that episode hit everything really started to jell together quite nicely and I got hooked.  I actually did enjoy the first few episodes as well, but this episode was the one where everything just started to shine.


So yeah, the “Following” has been renewed for a third season and “Dollhouse” wasn’t, that’s sad.  I really would have liked to see where the show would have gone had it continued, maybe they could have done a whole season in the “Epitaph” time with flashbacks to how it got like that, and learn more about Caroline.  If you don’t like “Dollhouse” that’s perfectly fine, but I feel like the show gets a really undeserved bad rap sometimes.  I wouldn’t call myself a Joss Whedon fanboy, I’m a fan of a lot of his work but he is fallible, so when I say I love “Dollhouse” it’s not because I instantly love anything Joss does, it’s because I genuinely though it was a great show.

    GRADE:  A- 94%






2 thoughts on “Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” Revisited: Why I Love It, and Why You Should Too”

  1. I’ve been meaning to get started on Joss Whedon shows; in fact, the only one I’ve seen is Agents of SHIELD and that’s been mediocre.

    It’s between Buffy and Firefly to start off, but this post has me interested in Dollhouse as well.

    1. Buffy’s great, there are some low points(Season Six is horrible) but the highs outweigh the lows in my opinion. Season Two in particular is excellent, especially the latter half. “Firefly” is fun, but I was never particularly blown away by it. I’d definitely start with “Buffy” though. The main problem that Whedon shows tend to suffer from is the monster of the week episode stuff(Buffy handled it very well though), and because “Dollhouse” was always sort of on the edge of cancellation, after the first five initial episodes the show got very focused. Also the case of the week episodes also provided a lot of fun(like the Enver Gjokaj playing a serial killer and a college party girl all in the same episode, he’s the guy that played another Viktor on “Dexter”). “Agents of SHIELD” ranges from extremely mediocre to kind of fun, the part that really drags it down is how bland like half the characters are. Agent Ward is painfully boring, Coulson has gone from a really fun entertaining character to a super angst machine, and the one BADASS agent just doesn’t interest me all that much(though she’s getting a bit more enjoyable). I’ve said before if Joss’s name wasn’t attached to it, and the possibility of seeing some of his actors show up, I probably would have stopped watching early on.

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