My Top Five(Six?) Most Anticipated Pilots for 2014-2015

It’s pilot season, which means work is being done on what could be the next big television hit.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as invested in pilot season, as I am this year.  There’s a lot of promising new programs being set up for release for next fall, so I’ve decided to rank five of the most promising new pilots of next season.   Let’s get started…


      Cast:  Lucien Laviscount(“Episodes”), Nathaniel Buzolic(“Vampire Diaries”), Danielle Savre(“Heroes”), etc. 

“Bloodlines” is the latest of the CW’s spin-off attempts(Spin-offs are the big thing at CW right now from “Bloodlines” to “Flash” to the “Originals” to the currently unnamed “Veronica Mars” web spin-off starring Ryan Hansen as Ryan Hansen trying to get a Dick Casablancas spin-off), this time spinning off of “Supernatural”.  My relationship with “Supernatural” is an on again off again love hate relationship, when it’s good it’s great, but when it’s bad it’s almost hard to watch.  “Supernatural: Bloodlines” seems to have a lot of potential to be good, a monster crime epic about a war between cops/hunters(many of which are corrupt) and mob style monster families seems like a lot of fun. 


     Cast:  Dean Winters(“30 Rock”, “Law and Order: SVU”), Kal Penn(“Harold & Kumar”, “How I Met Your Mother”) & Josh Duhamel(“Las Vegas”)

 “Battle Creek” is shaping up to be a huge hit.  First off it’s made by Vince Gilligan(creator of “Breaking Bad”, writer of “X-Files”, and recently “Community” guest star), so the chances that this series will be awesome are like 99%.  Then there’s the cast, I loved “Las Vegas” so it’s nice to see Josh Duhamel in a starring role, Kal Penn seems to be a really inspired casting choice, and I recently learned that Rick Gonzalez(from the CW’s criminally underrated “Reaper) will also star in it. 


         Cast(“Feed Me”):  Mary Louis Parker(“Weeds”)

         Cast(“Old Soul”):  Natasha Lyonne(“Orange is the New Black”)

My biggest reason for excitement for “Feed Me” is definitely Mary Louis Parker.  I’m a huge fan of hers, and thought she was great on “Weeds”(also mmmm…).  The premise also seems very unique and interesting.  I’d really like to see Mary Louis Parker on a new regular role.  “Old Soul” is executive produced by Amy Poehler and stars Natasha Lyonne, and that already is enough to sell me on the concept.  The idea itself also seems like a lot of fun, and the extended cast also seems very good.  NBC could use some comedic success, and hopefully they move these shows alongside “Parks and Rec” and “Community(crossing my fingers on that one) to a new night where they can really flourish.

       2. SEA OF FIRE(ABC)

          Cast:  Jennifer Carpenter(“Dexter”)

I practically cried tears of joy when I heard Jennifer Carpenter got cast in a new pilot.  Jennifer Carpenter is an excellent actress, and this role seems tailor made for her(aside from the fact that she can’t cuss, but she is apparently very blunt in this show which could maybe make up for it).  “Sea of Fire” also has an interesting premise and will be written by one of the writers of “Scandal”(which I still haven’t gotten to see aside from two episodes, but I’ve heard it’s great.  She also wrote episodes of “Desperate Housewives” which was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.).   So there is no way I’m not watching this.

      1. iZOMBIE(CW)

           Cast:   Rose McIver(“Once Upon a Time”),  Malcolm Goodwin(“Breakout Kings”), David Anders(“Alias”, “Heroes”), etc.

“iZombie” has been described by creator Rob Thomas(“Veronica Mars”) as similar to “Buffy” and “Veronica Mars”, and considering he created one of those I’m sure he’ll keep his promise.  I think it’s about time for a new kickass sarcastic girl to have her own show.  This show definitely seems to be right up my alley, what with the cast being excellent, and the interesting promise, I can’t wait for “iZombie” to be released.

  What pilots are you most excited for(I neglected to put “Flash” because I already thought I was pushing it with the two NBC shows, but I’m pumped for that too)?  Which one of these shows are you most excited for? 




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