The Walking Dead “The Grove” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Just look at the flowers.

This episode was f*cking amazing.  Certainly one of the best episodes the show has ever delivered, absolutely brilliant.  If you haven’t read the comic and plan to, I will be spoiling some things so read at your own cost.  I have long suspected the Lizzie and Mika were the show’s real version of Ben and Billy from the comics.  Turns out I was right, but this episode still managed to shock the shit out of me.  This episode was beautifully written, and was excellently acted by the cast. 

From beginning to end this episode was just perfectly put together.  I’ve often been very critical of the show’s attempts at being deep, as they often come off very heavy handed.  Not here, Jesus, this, this was just a superb hour of television.  I definitely wasn’t expecting to be as blown away as I was tonight.

Melissa McBride has done wonders for the character of Carol, the character itself has been much better developed by the writers.  In the comic Carol was just kind of a kinky bizarre character who never really had much impact on the story, but the writers have sort of blended her character arc with that of the comic’s version of Carl(not a spelling error), and it works stupendously.  The final scene with Lizzie and Carol was just breathtaking, Melissa McBride killed it.  Everyone did, but she really stood out tonight.  Fantastic performances tonight.  

The script was just flawless.  The dialogue between Carol and the girls was amazing, the suspense the episode was building up,  Carol’s confession to Tyreese, and the final detail of the dear appearing was all just perfect.  This episode isn’t just this season’s “Clear”, it beats “Clear”, it absolutely demolishes “Clear”.  I’ve said this was probably the best episode of the show, I was wrong, I know this is the best episode of the show(objectively of course, just my opinion). 

Overall, this episode was sublime.  Best episode all season, best episode of the whole series(in my opinion), and one of the best hours of television I’ve seen this year(key word is “this year”, but that doesn’t negate the episode in any way). 

  GRADE:  A+ 100% 


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead “The Grove” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS”

  1. Bit early to react, but I wouldn’t say flawless. The child acting from Lizzie and Mika, like always, wasn’t exactly great and I sort of call foul on Tyreese forgiving Carol so easily, given how he blew up on Daryl and especially Rick when they first discovered the bodies. I get the feeling that he’s holding in a lot of anger, but my best guess is that he’s putting it aside due to, you know, Lizzie and Mika being dead now. I agree that this Carol has more of a backbone than her comic book counterpart, but I wouldn’t say she’s crossed with Carl. The two, in both the comic and show, have seen their share of heartbreak with people they love, so they’ll walk their own paths. Plus, some real inconsistencies with Lizzie being brave, then afraid, or Mika being afraid to kill but then suddenly telling Lizzie to stop feeding them- it’s like, “Make up your mind, writers.” Don’t have them dead set in one way and then have them shift so suddenly in the same episode.

    1. You have some good points, my reasoning for thinking Carol is gaining aspects of the comic version of Carl, is that she seems to be the only one willing to make the choices that no one else is able to(much like Carl). Characterization inconsistencies are sort of something that just come with the show you know, not trying to justify it, but the writers have done it so many times I’ve become sort of numb to it. It’s rare this show actually leaves me as heartbroken and entertained as it did tonight, so while for other shows this episode may not have been flawless, for this show it was(at least for me). Thanks for commenting by the way.

      1. If character inconsistencies are explained well, then fine. But considering how “Inmates” established Lizzie being the more seasoned, with Mika being more inexperienced, to have the two of them shift so continuously in the same episode irked me. I’d be fine if they only shifted once, but for them to waiver back and forth and suddenly shift relatively quickly within the same episode just felt like shoddy writing. I mean, I’m not a television writer, but the girls should be resolute in their stance on walkers, whether sane or insane. If they shift once and have a change of heart, that’s perfectly fine and falls in line with what Carol said about them having to grow up and accept the world around them. But for them to suddenly shift AGAIN after seemingly having a change of heart is really glaring. And the fact that we don’t cut to any other storylines, but remain with this group the entire time, made the inconsistencies stand out even more. Luckily, with them both gone, it won’t matter, but it was still irritating.

      2. Indeed. Have you ever seen “American Horror Story”? Specifically the most recent season, that show has the most character inconsistencies I’ve ever seen. I’m re-watching tonight’s episode right now, and I definitely didn’t notice that Lizzie line where she explains that she knows that sometimes walkers have to be killed makes the episode end seem a bit silly.

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