The 100 Premiere Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


If we’re going to kill hundreds of innocent people we’re going to do it by the book.

I feel like the CW get’s a really bad rap.  The whole “blah, they cast models!” complaint applies to literally every show on television(HBO and maybe AMC, though look at most of the cast of the “Walking Dead”, are the only channels that cast normal people and HBO makes up for that by having their pretty people get naked all the time).  They’ve also taken strides in the last few years in getting a more diverse lineup of shows, and have been the go to place for  network genre television for the last few years with shows like “Arrow”, “Supernatural”, and “Nikita”(sure there are some duds like “Tomorrow People” but for the most part their genre shows have been great).  Upon seeing the trailer of “The 100” I was left cautiously optimistic, it looked to be a series with a lot of promise, and the creators had described it as CW cable style, so I went into the show with modestly high expectations.  So were they met, exceeded, or did it fall flat?  Read on!

To start let me mention that this show has excellent graphics, especially considering it’s a CW show.  The spaceship setting and the musical score were giving me some “Firefly” flashbacks(funnily enough two of the show’s writers are Whedon affiliated and wrote for “Angel” and “Dollhouse”, also Dichen Lachman of “Dollhouse” is set to guest star as a character named Anya).  The jungle setting also helps differentiate it from the usual Vancouver setting of most CW shows(which was pretty hilarious on this week’s “Arrow”, which despite being an excellent episode, it took me out of it a bit that Markovia looked exactly like Starling City).  The special effects are pretty decent as well. 

The real standout star of the night has to be Henry Ian Cusick.  He does an excellent job and delivers my favorite line the aforementioned “If we’re going to kill a hundred innocent people, we’re going to do it by the book”. It was an excellent quote, and really shows you that this show is going to go in a different direction than some of the other CW shows. The teenage cast is typically quite bratty and unlikable for the most part, but I think that’s somewhat intentional on the writer’s part. I feel that they’re setting up these teens for future character development, also maybe to make it cooler when we get to see them get shot dead with dangerous weapons. The adult cast is superb though, lots of familiar and very talented faces there, the lead actress does a good job as well, but for most of the teens it’s too soon to tell.

As I mentioned I feel the most important moments of the episode is when that one kid get’s killed right at the very end. If one thought the show was going to be one super douche house party in the jungle, this scene definitely clarified that’s not the case. The show seems to be very well aware of the TV tropes that regard CW teen dramas, there are moments when they embrace them within the pilot(which tend to be the weaker elements of it), but this moment where they completely subvert it has me very excited to see what comes next.

Overall, this was a solid pilot. I enjoyed it, I wasn’t amazed or anything, but it has a distinct visual flare and a very talented cast involved, which definitely have me interested. I’ve read reviews that state that show get’s very good around episode three, so I’m definitely going to keep watching. “The 100” may not be anywhere near “Breaking Bad” like Isaiah Washington said(it really isn’t even close, most shows aren’t though), but it’s got a lot of potential, and I have high hopes that it will reach that potential. This was a good pilot(which is quite rare, as most shows really don’t get good till a bit later on), not a great one, but a good one.
GRADE: B 86%
-Adult Cast
+Visuals are excellent
+Interesting premise and good setup
+ The lead is talented
+ ‘Dat ending
– Too much douche-y teen stuff
– Teens aren’t fleshed out much yet, but that’s really not be expected this early on
– Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” playing during that one scene was too much.


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