HANNIBAL “Takiawase” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Oh How It Stings


*Manages to finally get jaw off the floor*

Well God damn, that was an excellent hour of television.  Gina Torres, murderous crazy ladies killing guys with bees, and our poor Katz is a goner. This episode officially has me hooked, if I wasn’t a Fannibal before….

“Takiawase” really up the stakes and sets up the rest of the season. The show is so excellent at dealing with the killer of the week stories, the bee woman was great. I love the originality they put in each kill, they also do a great job of tying in the killer to the central theme of the episode(death as a form of mercy). This show certainly manages to get some excellent leading ladies from Gillian Anderson and now Gina Torres. Torres as usual does an excellent job. That final scene where she just slaps the shit out of Hannibal was so satisfying. Hopefully she pops up again later in the season.

Mads Mikkelson is really quite great too. His face as he speaks to Torres and then when he revives her was a shift from seemingly warmth filled intrigue to a very cold and distant look was great. Then there’s poor Will Graham who doesn’t have as big a role as in other episodes this season, but damn Hugh Dancy is good. The opening scene with him and Abigail was excellent, and then the follow-up scene with him and Katz hurts too much to think about. I’ve really been loving Katz, so I was just whaling at the end of the episode(not literally but on the inside I was crying), but I can totally see why this needed to happen. Hopefully much like Abigail, Katz will live on forever in the dreams of Will Graham(please Bryan Fuller, Hettienne Park is so hot, and Katz is so cool). Her whole go into the basement of a serial killer alone thing was the only part of the episode I had any really problem with.

The episode also raises the question of what lies in Hannibal’s basement? Well if you’ve read the synopsis for episode six you already know that it’s something quite shocking, but I won’t mention it here. All I know is I’m hooked on this show now. “Takiawase” was an excellent episode. Loved it.
GRADE: A+ 99%

-Katz is gone, LaGuerta style


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