Veronica Mars Movie Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: A Long Time Ago….


Everybody’s favorite marshmallow is back.  Seven years since the cult CW series was abruptly cancelled, Veronica Mars has made her return now on the silver screen.  The movie is a real love letter to the fans, Thomas was really devoted to giving fans the movie they wanted.  Hiding Easter Eggs all over the place, reuniting lost LoVe-rs, and bringing back many of the shows minor characters(Susan Knight, Carrie Bishop, and Luke appeared in one and two episodes respectively).  That all sounds great, but often things like these get too mushy and the nostalgia is the only real draw to the story(*ahem* “Arrested Development”), so while I was definitely exited and optimistic for the film, there was a bit of caution going into it.  However by the time the credits rolled and the Dandy Warhols started playing, I realized that the caution was for nothing, the movie was excellent, excellent for the fans, and excellent for the non-fans. 

The movie had a huge cast, but they really utilized them well.  Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring both do a really good job getting right back in the swing of things. Enrico Colantoni continued to be a badass, and Chris Lowell(WATCH “ENLISTED”!) made it really hurt to see Veronica treat him the way she did(Team Piz? I don’t know, maybe).  Two of the real unspoken heroes of the movie are Krysten Ritter and Gabby Hoffman.  Krysten Ritter specifically did a excellent job, I may be a bit biased because I absolutely love her, but Ritter’s performance is great.  She’s really a versatile actress, Hoffman’s role is a small one but she sells it well. 

The movie’s central premise dealing with the murder of Carrie Bishop was great. It was a nice way to parallel the first season’s mystery of who killed Lilly Kane, if I had one problem with it, it was that the mystery wasn’t terribly mysterious due there really only being three suspects(Ruby’s crossed off pretty early on, and as if there was any way Dick was going to end up being the killer). I’ve heard some people criticize the final showdown between Cobb and Veronica, but I thought it was really well done.

One of the parts of the movie I really enjoyed was the lack of focus on the love triangle. It’s certainly part of the story, but it’s not overplayed at all. I also felt some indifference between who she’d end up with, I can’t say I was a huge fan of the LoVe ship in the original series, but to see Logan so matured here made it much easier to accept the ship here. The addiction parallel was also an interesting way to approach Veronica’s relationship with Neptune.

Much like the television series the movie’s soundtrack is great. One of the first things I did after seeing the movie was look up to see what songs were in it. “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” playing during the final confrontation between Veronica and Cobb really stood out, as did “Go Captain and Pinlighter” during the Veronica/Piz breakup scene.

Overall, I absolutely loved the movie. The movie exceeded my expectations, and the cast did an excellent job. The movie definitely leaves it open for there to be a sequel. The cast gave it their all, and so did Rob Thomas. This movie was an absolute delight.
GRADE: A+ 97%


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