I don’t know what to do guys, I’ve been feeling a bit helpless lately looking at websites and looking at the ratings for Fridays.  Not necessarily surprised by what I see, but just heartbroken that three of television’s best series right now may not be back to watch next year.  These series are just barely clinging to life, and it may be too late already, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do anything to try and save them. 


“The Neighbors” is a lovely little show that airs on ABC on Fridays at 7:31-8:00(Keep that one in mind, “Last Man Standing” usually ends like right at 7:30).  The show’s been really giving it’s all this season, and it’s making the imminent threat of cancellation sting even more.  I’m aware a lot of people were initially turned off by the first few episodes of the first season, but as the show as gone on it’s developed this great meta sense of humor.  The basic premise is that a family moves to a neighborhood populated only with aliens(yes the premise is strange).

 The cast is absolutely brilliant(Jami Gertz, Toks Olagundoye, and Simon Templemen to name a few), and the show’s had some really fun guest stars(Lori Loughlin, Wendy Williams, Jerry Springer, Rhea Perlman, Bill Nye, and the finale has Candace Cameron and the guy who played her boyfriend on “Full House”).  They’ve recently had a Bollywood themed episode, and the show has this wonderful charm about it.  There are only three episodes left this season, but don’t wait till the season’s over and it’s too late, this show needs you.  Give it a try please!  It hurts to think that this show might not live to see another season(and that “Last Man Standing will *shivers*). 


Fannibals unite!  “Hannibal” is a psychological thriller horror serial killer drama, about Hannibal Lecter.  The show is one of the best series on television right now.  The cast and writing is superb, and better than many of the cable dramas on right now.  The show’s amazingly terrifying, which may be an issue to some, but trust me(as someone who can get pretty easily scared) you’ll get over it.  PLEASE, PLEASE WATCH HANNIBAL(9:00 PM on NBC)!


“Enlisted” isn’t perfect, but gosh darn it, it is a lot of fun!  “Enlisted” is a fun comedy with a lot of heart, the cast is great, and the show is just a nice way to spend half an hour.  Unfortunately “Enlisted” is on the brink of cancellation, and it needs you to watch it.  So why don’t you give it a try, it’s on at 8:00 PM. 


PLEASE GUYS, WATCH THESE SHOWS, IF THEY GET CANCELLED I’LL CRY, AND PUPPIES WILL CRY TOO!  Do you like making puppies cry you sickos?  Do yah?!  JK, you’re not sickos, but you still need to watch these shows.  PLEASE!


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