The Neighbors “All That Jazzy Jeff” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Save Our Bluthes All Over Again


“Do you want to have a boy or a girl?”


“You can have that here on Earth?”

“Yes, I believe it’s called a David Bowie.”

*Sobbing in corner of the room* I feel so sad right now. This is what is likely to be the end of “The Neighbors”.  It sucks, it really does.  We have one more episode after this one, and God damn it, I don’t want it to end.  These last two episodes have been this show’s “S.O.B.s”(The episode in “Arrested Development” season three, which was a humorous last ditch effort to save the show), everything that the season has been building up to is finally coming fruition.  All sorts of celebrity guest stars(George Takei is back, I loved the moment in the last episode where his birthday gift to Reggie was five dollars, George Takei is awesome), all sort of meta humor(last weeks episode was so, so meta), and crazy plot twists(either Larry Bird or Debbie is pregnant, Reggie and Amber finally are getting back together, and Reggie might become a human).  Unfortunately unless TBS or Netflix comes swooping into save the day, or if by some miracle(if the Neighbors and Hannibal get renewed I’ll start going to church) ABC renews it(please, if only for one finale 13 episode midseason replacement, I’ll take it)

“The Neighbors” seems to be taking it’s last hypothetical breaths.

Tonight’s episode follows up on the arrival of Larry Bird’s brother, and seems to setup Reggie and Amber’s happy ending. I love Jami Gertz so f*cking much. I think I’ll miss her most of all, her implied alcoholism, her kinky fantasies(which sometimes involved Bill Nye the Science Guy), her friendship with Jackie, and I loved the “High School Reunion” episode which revealed that she was the Yoko of Marty’s old band(“Except if Yoko slept with every guy in the band, and one of the girls”). Just reminiscing all of the wonderful times the show has had over this last season makes me very sad, I hope this season makes it onto Netflix.

The only real consolation of the show’s probable cancellation is that Toks Olagundoye already has a gig set up at NBC if the show get’s cancelled(and with Mary Louise Parker! I really want to see those two play off each other, but I also want “The Neighbors” season three!). Toks does as usual superb work here. If the show get’s renewed for a third season I’d really like to see Jazzy Jeff get upped to a regular, and George Takei too. It would especially work if it’s a condensed season(George Takei is a busy guy I’m sure, so if he just had to do like ten episodes I’m sure it would be easier).

A lot of the plot twists here have been working really well, and I find myself genuinely interested in what’s going to happen next week. Surely Larry and Jackie aren’t moving away, and Amber is going to accept Reggie for who he really is, but it’s still surprising at how great the writers are at integrating drama into a show that’s very much into the joke a minute type show. The evolution of the Amber/Debbie relationship was really quite sweet.

“The Mindy Project” and “The Neighbors” are shows that a lot of people gave up on at first, but as their second seasons near the end, they’ve both evolved into such wonderful shows. I feel if they’ve proved anything it’s that people shouldn’t give up on things so quickly, that every show deserves a chance to shine. “The Neighbors” always manages to bring a smile to my face. If this is the end of “The Neighbors”, that sucks, but as much as I’d like to blame ABC, I’d rather thank them. For giving the show a second chance, a show that had pretty poor ratings, and giving it another season anyways. If this is the end of the show than at least it’s going out on top. “The Neighbors” will always have a place in my heart as the strange little show that ended up defying expectations and actually ended up being really great.
GRADE: A+ 97%


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