The Mindy Project “Be Cool”/”Girl Crush” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: How Do I Know I Don’t Wanna Be Jewish?

I usually watch “The Mindy Project” via On Demand because “Supernatural” is on at the same time, however thanks to the f*cktards at the CW and their horrific scheduling(not just that but my CW station has had “Supernatural” be interrupted by sports literally like every other episode), I’ve been able to watch “The Mindy Project” live two weeks in a row.  I was pleasantly surprised that we got two episodes this week, as well as a fun little guest appearance by “Breaking Bad” alumna Anna Gunn. 


I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how great Adam Pally’s been these last two weeks.  When his character Peter was introduced I was really excited, but that excitement had started to go downhill as his character became more serious and less frat-y.  However I’ve really enjoyed how they’ve used his character in these last two episodes.  I really love his friendship with Mindy, any other Pindy shippers out there? 

This episode was a bit light on laughs, it mostly was used to add some tension to the Mindy/Danny relationship. One funny moment was when Betsy just comes out of nowhere(having been absent for almost the whole entire season) and admits her love for Danny, and no one cares. Other than that there weren’t a lot of laugh out loud moments in this episode. But God damn was that last scene just the most heartbreaking scene ever? Mindy Kaling absolutely killed it, I was like why does this show have to go punch me in the feels? Just wow, she dominated in this episode. You Danny Castellano are jerk.
+That Final Scene
+Betsy still exists
+Adam Pally
+Mindy Kaling
-Not that funny really
-Kind of annoyed at the way they f*cked with the audience on the Manny breakup.
Skylar White lives! This episode was actually shot a long time ago, and they had to throw some bonus scenes to have it fit better with the story at hand. I have to say I was surprised with how well it fit, I’d say it actually works better for it, because without the whole Mindy/Danny tension this episode really wouldn’t have made much sense.

Anna Gunn’s guest spot was a lot of fun, it’s crazy how many great guest stars this show gets. She plays an OBGYN, and Mindy’s girl crush who works with the stars. This episode has a lot more laughs than the previous episode, one scene with Tamra in particular was great.
TAMRA: You don’t even let us take off for Hanukkah.
JEREMY: You aren’t even Jewish!
TAMRA: So, how do I know I don’t want to be if I don’t try it out.
I loved the gag about getting your cycles matched with your favorite celebrities. There were a lot of funny moments in this episode. One minor flaw is it felt like it ended a bit abruptly and there should have been a scene where Mindy and Danny address the breakup. Overall though, this was a solid episode, it wasn’t the best but it was fun.



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