The Neighbors Season Two Finale Review: Wonderfully Meta and Hopeful Send Off For One of TV’s Most Underrated Comedies


Quick catch up those two Tim Allen fans who accidentally tuned in.

So Season Two is over, there is no official renewal news yet, and the chances of renewal are looking bleak, but the finale provides a lot of hope that the quirky family comedy will return for a third season(“I’ve heard whispers of ABC Family”).  If this is the series end, it was a perfectly executed fitting end, but it also plants some seeds for a third season(and even cuts the budgets by sending off all of the other aliens on a bus…err space ship).  I’ve made my love for this series pretty clear, and I will probably be stuck in a pit of despair if ABC decides to cancel it.  C’mon ABC renew “The Neighbors” you know you want to!

The show continues it self referential meta-humor, and it really works.  Jami Gertz’s “The things that have come out of my mouth this season”, the whole final scene, the show sprinkles just enough of the humor to make it funny but not overdo it.  The episode is a lot of fun with talking Ginger Bread Men, male alien pregnancies, and some excellent sass by George Takei(“What hole will it even come out of?”).  Amber killed it this week when she was confronted by her parents about the pregnancy test(“The farthest I’ve ever gone is…”  “NO!  NO!  WE DON’T WANNA KNOW!”). 

DJ Jazzy Jeff leads the aliens back into space, leaving a pregnant Larry Byrd feeling alone.  Luckily it’s then that the family(including the Weavers) decide to come together, Reggie would go bald and poop for Amber but the two decide that’s not the best route to go down, and Dick doesn’t need to go to Harvard just to become some “Simpsons” writer(though according to Larry Byrd and Jackie his spec script is excellent, which made me crack up quite a bit).  Larry Byrd isn’t sure what next year will look like, but the writers of the show place a lot of hope that the show will return for a third season(I’ve read the ABC CEO or whatever is a big fan of the show, so cross your fingers). 

Overall, this was a perfect finale.  Whether it be a season finale or a series finale, it was excellent.  I hope to God “The Neighbors” returns next year.  The writers and cast wrapped up the season beautifully, and one can only hope that we can see more of these strange quirky families(and DJ and Steve from “Full House”?) next year.  

GRADE:  A+++ 100%


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