Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #2 “New Rules Part Two” MAJOR SPOILERS/REVIEW: Cleaning House


Did she just call me old?

So it seems Buffy Summers, so it seems. So far “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” tenth season is off to a great start, this issue isn’t as exciting as the previous but the brilliant quips and dialogue, and the return of yet another character make this a really fun read. This issue is really a setup issue, and kind of cleans house with the Season Nine characters, this is a new era of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and I say long live it!

Last issue’s cliffhanger is brushed off kind of quickly, but we get some really great interactions out of the fallout. The Kennedy/Willow reunion was kind of nice, I’m one of those like two fans who actually likes Kennedy as a character(her relationship with Willow was kind of hit or miss for me, but she was one of the few competent potentials alongside Vi and the one really badass girl from “Freaks and Geeks”), their interaction was pretty amusing. There was also a bit more mild Spike/Faith flirtation which I really like, I’m not sure I’d want to see the two actually go at it, but I really like the way Christos writes their banter. The group’s reunion with Giles was very sweet, and it was nice seeing bitchy Giles again(Rebekah got his bitch face down perfect on the new young Giles)

I don’t think I can fully express my love for the dialogue in words. Christos just gets the characters so much, as far back as the beginning of “Angel & Faith” he’s just mastered everyone’s voice. That combined with Rebekah’s beautiful amazing art gives us the closest experience to watching new episodes of the show we can get. Rebekah’s Xander is particularly great, as is her Anya, the only character she doesn’t completely master is Dawn.

Anya’s return is particularly my favorite addition to the season. The shipper in me is still holding out for a Xanya reunion, they were always my favorite couple on the show, and it’s great that in the afterlife Anya can finally give Xander some well deserved shit over him leaving her at the alter. That’s one of the things the television series that irked me, was that everyone just kind of went “eh, Anya’s a bitch who cares?” when he left her at the alter. No one really called him out on what a dick move that was.

Aside from the amazing character interactions this issue is light on plot, the Vampyr getting re-written with new rules as the world changes is an interesting premise, but aside from that and bringing back Dracula, this issue was very light on plot. That’s excusable though considering this is the second issue, and they’re just starting to set up big things for the series. The return of Dracula was a very exciting development, and I’m really excited to see what that’s leading to. Also, how great was that “…Master.” at the very end?

I’m so glad this new edition kept that fortune-cookie writing style. You don’t mess with the basics.”
“I am Rupert Giles, young man. The last of the watchers’ council. And you, sir are no watcher”
“Gee, that must be horrible, the person you love deciding they don’t want to be with you anymore. And could there be a worse time and place to tell someone than this…? Wait. Yes.”
This was a solid issue, a little uneventful but it sure was a lot of fun.
GRADE: B+ 87%


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