The Following Season Two Finale Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Douche Twins VS the FBI


God, this show is the worst.  —Me, right before reviewing it

It’s been like three weeks since I’ve last watched the “Following”, like last time this is going to be live watching review/notes, unlike last time there’ll be sound this time.  So Mike’s been taken hostage, there are approximately three women left on the show(Did I call Mandy’s death or what?  It’d be nice if she returned at the beginning of each episode to recap for us like  the very much alive Frank on Shameless or ghost neighbor on “Desperate Housewives”.  Silly Mandy, you explained basic plot points that didn’t have to be explained ).  So the FBI just murdered a fuck-ton of cult members, and Claire’s been taken hostage.  Douche twins are still alive for some reason.

Ryan and Joe are  best buds now, and going to save Claire.  Kevin Bacon just seems like he’s given up.  As horrible as the Douche Twins are, Sam Underwood actually does seem to be having some fun with the role(s), the characters are terrible, but he’s really embracing the camp and it works.  The acting has never really been the issue with this show as I pointed out fifteen or so weeks ago.  The casting is generally pretty good, Natalie Zea, Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Valerie Cruz, and Leslie Bibb to name a few, are all really great casting choices but the material just isn’t there.  James Purefoy is also playing up the camp a bit, that’s when this show is it’s worst/best, when it embraces how silly it is. 

The douche twin’s taste for classical music makes a return appearance, it seems so long ago the first episode of this season premiered.  I remember then, I had such high expectations for this season to be as fun to hate watch as the last.  The problem with hate watching is eventually it stops being fun and starts being sad.  The joke has gotten old, all the classic Poes, James Purefoy’s Winger speeches, his “Hello Ryan”‘s, the stupidity, and the dialogue(one shining gem of quote I missed was “I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night”, like seriously what the literal fuck?).  The show tried to reinvent itself this year, and a lot of the stupid charm of last year was lost with it’s reinvention. 

James Purefoy’s giving a deliciously campy performance, tonight the interview scene was actually a lot of fun to watch.  Shawn Ashmore revealing that he killed the douche twin’s mom was really badly acted.  Luke is dead, Mike’s unconscious, and Mark went…somewhere or died, I don’t know.  They’re all gunning down Joe, but we know Ryan won’t kill him because he can’t just play vigilante anymore.  He doesn’t, they call the police to come take him.  This is partially satisfying, and partially just really stupid.  It’s actual character development for Ryan, so I applaud them for that, but it also just means Joe will break out and repeat the events of Season One next season. 

Ryan and Claire part ways, Mike and Max kiss, and Ryan and Joe have a final goodbye(but really, we know that won’t be the case).  Purefoy has given a great performance tonight, I’ve mentioned before how for a while it seemed he was phoning it in a bit(who wouldn’t though given the source material), but he really killed it tonight.  Ryan returns home, and Mark gets in the car with an unknown person and drives off for Season Three. 

So ends Season Two of the “Following”.  This was actually a lot more fun than what came before it.  Still “The Following” is still “The Following”, I’m unsure whether I’ll continue to hate watch the show next year.  In one way this finale was a return to form for the show, stupid campy fun, but that doesn’t excuse how joyless and uninteresting the rest of this season has been.  I’m not certain what I’ll do with this show next year(next year is official, it got renewed weeks ago), but I’ve got time to think about it.  I’ll at least review the premiere of next year.  This show could be so much more than it is, “Bates Motel”(I’m going to review the finale of that show) and “American Horror Story” prove that camp and crazy can on occasions go well together.  At one point back in Season One I thought the show could potentially turn into something decent, I know better now.  Hey at least “24” is back next week!  The “Following” is graded on a curve…






2 thoughts on “The Following Season Two Finale Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Douche Twins VS the FBI”

    1. Yeah, it’s been painful to watch. Oh and I can’t wait for “24: Live Another Day”, I love “24” and I love Yvonne Strahovski, so mixing the two together makes for a whole lot of fun.

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