“Enlisted” Has Been Put On Permanent Leave…and I Don’t Know How To Feel


Today Fox axed “Dad”(never watched), “Surviving Jack”(also never watched, poor Detective Elliot), and… “Enlisted”.  If you remember correctly I wrote an article a while back trying to gain more viewers for “Enlisted”, “Hannibal”(Easy renewal at this point, I’m not even worried), and “The Neighbors”(I’m rooting for you, you strange beautiful majestic beast, you can do this, we can do this).  I talked a bit about how despite some hesitance I felt “Enlisted” had a whole lot of comedic potential to be mined, it had a wonderful cast, and the early episodes were pretty great. 

While the later episodes seemed to kind of be more miss than hit, I still can’t help but think “what if?”.  While I felt the show became almost too dumb towards the end(that fart machine episode, God, I can’t even, I was not a fan of that episode), there was this certain amount of sweetness about the show, and it’s cast was superb(CHRIS LOWELL KILLED IT!).  It was almost like an early more flawed version of “Community”.  There is a silver lining as Geoff Stultz and Parker Young are co-starring in an upcoming CBS(shutters) pilot called “Cuz-Bros” made by the people behind “Happy Endings”.  This is a sad day, because while not perfect “Enlisted” had a lot of potential, it may have been flawed but it had so much going for it(a lot like the “Crazy Ones” whose fate is still TBD).


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