Hannibal “Ko No Mono” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: On The Verger of Destruction


Tell me, how was my funeral??

Thank God NBC renewed Hannibal, had it not I think I would go absolutely insane.  Yesterday was a horrible day for me, with “The Neighbors”, “Community”, “Suburgatory”, “Trophy Wife”, “Crazy Ones”, “Enlisted”, among others getting the axe, I was just about to go cry alone in the corner.  Also combined with the fact like only two of the pilots I was rooting for got picked up, I needed “Hannibal” to calm me down.  “Ko No Mono” wasn’t the best episode of “Hannibal” ever, but man was it good. 

To start I have to just say, holy fucking shit what was that opening?  How awesome was that?  Seeing the flaming wheelchair was awesome enough, but when it hit the “F.  Lounds” bumper, I thought I was going to scream.  That ranks among the best cold openings I’ve ever witnessed.  The Freddie storyline in this episode was fantastic, Freddie isn’t my favorite character(she’s cool don’t get me wrong, but there are cooler characters) but these last few episodes have definitely made me appreciate the character more than I did.  Seeing Freddie’s death bring out the inner awesomeness of Alana was great.  That final scene with Alana basically interrogating Jack was so badass, right before it’s revealed that, yes Freddie is alive, and yes she’s still smug as shit.  Seriously how delicious was the final line “How was my funeral?”? 

Much like Hannibal, I feel Mason is just way too much.  Michael Pitt’s performance just doesn’t really fit the tone of the show for me, it’s a bit too over the top.  Having said that though he ranks high among the sickest characters this show has introduced, I can’t put into words how badly I want Mason to become pig chow.  Margot’s pregnancy affects Will in ways he never thought he could be.  Hannibal’s line “parents can be killers” gave me a flashback to Ghost Harry from “Dexter”, luckily the show doesn’t go down that route(frequently when shows introduce babies they serve no real purpose, and quickly just become background scenery, see Harrison Morgan).  That dinner table scene with Will and Hannibal was superb, with the two relating Abigail with Mischa.  Next season is supposed to show us more of Hannibal’s past, so I assume we’ll learn about Mischa’s fate.

That look of disbelief on Katherine Isabelle’s face when the car got hit was great, I hope we get to see more of Margot next season(as well as Gillian Anderson, crossing fingers).  Will going after Mason and revealing that he should be targeting Hannibal, not Will or Margot, was an excellent scene.  Seeing Will go further down the rabbit hole has been one of my favorite things about this season(that “I’m not innocent, but I’m not the Chesapeake Ripper” line is one of my favorite lines of the season). 

Overall, this was a really good episode, but it’s the first one where I feel like they were starting to slow down.  Having said that it still had a lot of wham moments, and I can’t wait for next week.

Grade:  89%  B+


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