Summer 2014 Blogging Schedule & Thoughts On Upcoming Shows


I apologize for the lack of posts this last week, I’ve been extremely busy and extremely lazy.  I thought I’d give you some idea of what you can expect in the coming week, as well as in this upcoming summer television season.  So here are some of the programs I’m going to be covering this summer.

The Maya Rudolph Show(Airs Mondays):  I absolutely love Maya Rudolph and have high hopes for her new variety show which starts airing tomorrow night on NBC.  The guest list so far is looking pretty solid with some names like Kristen Bell and Fred Armisen set to make appearances.  That coupled with the excellent Beyoncé sketch on last night’s otherwise okay episode of “Saturday Night Live”, has me cautiously optimistic for “The Maya Rudolph Show”. 

24:  Live Another Day(Airs Mondays):  Yeah, this one’s pretty self explanatory as I already reviewed the two part season premiere.  By Wednesday, tomorrow’s episode should be reviewed, so keep your eyes out for that.  So far the new season is incredibly solid, I’m still waiting for that WHAM IT’S “24” moment to happen, but so far so good.

Orange is the New Black(All Episodes Available June 6th):  Aw yeah OITNB is back(soon)!  I’m not shy about the fact I’m absolutely in love with “Orange is the New Black”(as my friends know, who I’ve been begging for months to watch the show to no avail).  I’m super pumped for Season Two, I’m a little sketchy on the promo(it looks to be delving into the more ridiculous crazy drama aspects, which is fine, but I rather enjoyed the show’s more realistic portrayal of prison), but ultimately I trust that Jenji Kohan will do a great job(even at it’s worst “Weeds” was still pretty good and entertaining).  Like “House of Cards” I may review some individual episodes here and there, but most of the episodes will probably be covered in a seasonal review.

The Strain(Airs…I Don’t Know):  Vampires+ Corey Stoll+ Guillermo Del Toro= a show that will likely be very awesome.  “The Strain” has a stellar cast, a cool premise, and Corey Stoll, at worst this’ll still be some great guilty pleasure viewing.  FX has a tendency to put out some very entertaining shows, and is currently the go to basic-cable-cable-channel(poor AMC, which was once hailed as the next HBO, has a programming schedule now consists of gems like “Game of Arms”, “Comic Book Men”, and an upcoming Chris Hardwick show about celebrities bowling, at least there’s “Better Call Saul” to look forward to) for me.

Extant(Airs…?):  Halle Berry basically, also alien babies.  This will either be surprisingly good, or a god awful hot mess of show that you can’t help but watch because it’s so bad.

Penny Dreadful(Airs Sundays):  I haven’t watched the first two episodes yet, but it sounds like a whole lot of fun.  Dracula, Frankenstein, and Rose Tyler make this sound like must see television.  I’ve heard it’s kind of like a more balanced “American Horror Story”, so starting next week I’ll probably start covering it.

That’s probably it for summer shows, but I still have some wrap up reviews for some of this seasons shows coming too, so here’s a sneak peak of those reviews…

THE MINDY PROJECT(GRADE:  A-, Review Date: Tomorrow):  “The Mindy Project” wrapped up the season perfectly despite a few bumps in the road in the second half of the season, the finale “Danny and Mindy” brought the house down.  Read more about my thoughts tomorrow.

ARROW(GRADE:  B+,  Review Date:  Tuesday?):  Thought the last two episodes were a bit weak in comparison, this has overall been a really fun ride, and with “Flash” coming in the fall, the CW is going be a hell of a lot more superhero-y this fall.

THE BLACKLIST(GRADE:  B-/C+, Review Date: Wednesday?):  The finale of “The Blacklist” keeps completely in line with the rest of it’s first season, it’s still super vague, you still don’t care about any characters that aren’t Red or Lizzie, and they’re still playing with the far overplayed “is he the father?” storyline.  Also they played a terrible Pearl Jam song at the end of the episode, which just felt really out of place.

AGENTS OF SHIELD(GRADE:  B+, Review Date:  Unknown):  Hail Hydra, because if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think “AOS” ever could have come into it’s own the way it did.  The finale ties up loose ends and sets up new threads for Season Two.  

I also have Friday’s episode of “Hannibal” to review, as well as the upcoming finale, and a strongly worded letter to the writers of “Supernatural” otherwise known as a review coming this Wednesday.  Stay tuned…






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