Hannibal Season Two Finale “Mizumono” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Dinner is Ready


They know.

I honestly don’t have words to even say.  I’m speechless, “Mizumono” started crazy, and it just never really stopped.  It was truly a perfect cap off to a perfect season, it neatly wrapped up all the loose threads in a blood soaked bow.  It was great how many past characters resurfaced in the finale from Bella, Freddie, Kade, Abigail, and finally the beautiful and very likely dangerous Bedelia Du Maurier in the episodes final moments.  It was kind of like Hannibal’s greatest hits, it’s a shame we couldn’t have gotten a hallucination of Bev or a comatose update on Chilton(I beg thee Bryan Fuller, Gillian Anderson, Cynthia Nixon, and Raul Esparza for regulars next year).  Minor selfishness aside, this episode was superb.


If I did have an issue with this episode, it would be Will and Jack’s plan, in that is was in no way a good one.  It wasn’t exactly un-addressed how poorly thought out the plan was, we had FBI head Kade Prurnell(Cynthia Nixon is great here, I really hope to see her upped to regular next season) to tell them how stupid the plan was.  Though I guess there was really no way that Jack and Will weren’t going to go through with it, and it’s actually kind of funny had they listened to Prurnell none of the tragic events that befall the characters in the episode’s final act would take place. 

The scene with Freddie and Will was great.  Lara Jean Chorostecki has been killing it, while I think the character works better in a recurring capacity, I do hope to see more of Ms. Lounds next year.  I feel like I felt a bit of suspicion about Abigail maybe showing up, when once again they brought her up, but it was more of a quick little “hey maybe”, that just kind of disappeared soon after.  Nothing could really prepare me for her return later in the episode. 

The opening scene of the season, Jack’s fight with Hannibal, finally happens here.  The thing is it’s not even the craziest thing to happen in the episode, the fight choreography was fantastic, Laurence Fishburne was great and he really presented a sense of brutality as he pummeled Hannibal, only to have the tables turned on him.  Then Alana shows up, there was a lot of skepticism about Alana’s arc this season, I’m guilty of it too, but this episode made everything so much clearer.  Seeing her final confrontation with Hannibal was beautiful, the whole the gun isn’t loaded felt kind of contrived but it really didn’t bother me.  Then the episode’s big twist occurs when Alana seems to finally find sanctuary and pack of bullets to finally take down our favorite cannibal, that is until a third party makes itself known.  The one, the only, the formerly deceased Abigail Hobbs.


Caroline Dhavernas’s delivery of that line was pure gold, it was just one line, but damn was it good.  The Abigail reveal was brilliant, in one way it made a whole lot of sense that she would still be alive, but once they revealed Miriam’s survival, I thought we knew what Beverly had seen in the basement, I didn’t think they’d go there again, but Abigail makes a whole lot more sense.  The visuals when Abigail pushes Alana out the window were beautiful.  The rain, the glass, and Caroline Dhavernas just makes the scene.

The final showdown between Will and Hannibal though, damn.  First I feel like just when I think they can’t pack in anymore HoYay, they pack in more.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I always legitimately feel like Hannibal and Will are just going to start making out, this episode especially.  That embrace and stab was brutal and then he salts the wound by slitting Abigail’s throat and forcing the severely injured Will to watch as she bleeds out.  Hannibal leaves in the rain as Alana keeps clinging to life, and Jack believing it to be his last moments call to hear the words of his beloved Bella one last time.  It was all so cruel and bleak, one of the bleakest endings I’ve ever seen. 

Cut to credits, which is a sharp contrast to what came before it.  I wasn’t exactly expecting anything to happen as I hadn’t heard about any post-credit scene, and when we saw Hannibal on the plane I thought that was it.  It wasn’t, because guess who’s with him on the plane, Bedilia.  They sip wine and fly off to France together.  GILLIAN ANDERSON BITCHES!  I was so pumped, I seriously can’t wait to see where this’ll go next season.  Fuller has stated next season will show the origin of Hannibal, and assuming Bedilia is along for the ride full time, I think she’ll have a major part in bringing it out of him.  Also that smile she had at the end….AHHHHHHHHH GENE!!!!!!

 Overall, this season has been fucking fantastic from beginning to end.  I can’t believe we have like what eight months till Season Three.  What will I do till then???

GRADE:  A++++++  98%



2 thoughts on “Hannibal Season Two Finale “Mizumono” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Dinner is Ready”


    Great review of a great show.

    I was especially pleased that the show was willing to express Hannibal’s perfected evil in the context of his sincere affection for will and his pity for Alana. Hannibal’s soft side goes unrewarded and he accepted the truth with “all of its consequences” as he said to Will

    The sniff of Will, and the slow reveal of Freddy’s hair to a commercial was perfectly jarring.

    1. Thanks! The Freddy reveal was brilliant, I’ll admit it took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out what that scene meant, and once I did I was like “OH MY GOD!”. Gillian Anderson is the shit(in a good way obviously), I need her to be a regular next year.

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