Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten Issue Three “New Rules Part 3” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Falling Into Old Habbits


Dawn:  Xander, I love you!

Xander:  No.  You don’t. 

Well that escalated quickly.  Last issue ended with Dawn and Xander seeking the help of the dark vampire prince himself, Lord Dracula!  We’re given more answers about the new rules of magic, we get a nice little Buffy/Willow moment, and all the tension between Dawn and Xander finally culminated in the last few pages, leaving us with one hell of a cliffhanger!  Also, Dracula has Tuesday orgies now. 


This issue was a bit light on the quips, and a bit heavier on the plot which was good(there are some good Dracula lines though, we’ll talk about those later).  It was really nice to see things so light and fun and friendship-y between Buffy and Willow, it’s been a long time since we got to see the two so laid back and having fun.  The dialogue is fantastic and so true to the characters, and I hope that those two crazy kids can find love somewhere.  Also Rebekah Isaac’s has Alyson Hannigan’s likeness down great. 

Willow:  That’s what friends are for.  The people who aren’t in your life ’cause they’re related, or got for you.  They just love you.  And for the first time is ages, we’re all together again.

Buffy:  We might actually be okay, huh? Horny and frustrated, but okay.

Dracula is just loads of fun, and his bromance with Xander is great. Christos writes him superbly, and I’m really excited as to where this issue’s ending will lead. On the not so bright side though, Dawn and Xander aren’t doing too great right now. It’s actually very depressing, as someone who wasn’t even that invested in their relationship, you really got to give it to Christos and Rebekah’s incredibly expressive emotions she gives the characters. I loved the little call back(or maybe it wasn’t, and it was just a coincidence) to the finale with Dawn and Xander having a little Buffy-Spike moment at the end of the issue(“I love you”, “No you don’t, but thanks anyways.” line from “Chosen” ruined me, I didn’t even like Spike and Buffy together, but damn that line hit hard in the feels).

Dracula: I am Dracula!
*Lightning strikes*
Dawn: Whoa.
Xander: He doesn’t control the lightning, he just senses it coming. He’s not Thor.
Overall, this issue was great fun. I’m excited to see where the story is going to go next. Also to note is that Nicholas Brendon(AKA the real Xander Harris, from the television show) co-wrote this issue, and it was really good! I always like it when the actual actors write stories for the comics, it’s nice to know they’re still so dedicated to the character. He’ll be writing a lot of issues apparently. I haven’t seen him on anything television wise, I know he’s on that “Criminal Minds” but I don’t really watch that, so it’s cool he’s getting some more work. Also more of Giles playing “Grand Theft Auto” please!
GRADE: A 94%


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