Orange is the New Black “You Also Have A Pizza” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Love Is…


Nein, Motherfucker Nein!

“You Also Have A Pizza” is probably my favorite episode of season two.  It was perfectly put-together, and gave us a good mix of heartbreak, humor, loneliness, and so many other feelings.  The Valentines Day chapter was probably one of my favorite chapters in the book, and while this episode is by no means a direct adaption of it at all, it really captures the feel of it.

It sheds some light on Poussey’s past, and it also furthers the rift between Taystee and Poussey(it’s weird, it took me just now writing their names for probably like the hundredth time to think “Wow, those are some strange names, huh?”).  Samira Wiley is such a spectacular actress, and the flashbacks in this episode felt very real to me, she really made you sort of feel what she was feeling.  The flashbacks don’t exactly top Miss Rosa’s flashbacks(I’m not sure if I’m going to review that episode so I just thought I’d mention how great that episode was, and what an excellent job they did finding an actress to play young Rosa), but they were great.

The whole “Love Is…” commentary offers sometimes humorous sometimes surprisingly heartfelt asides.  Flaca’s explanation was probably my favorite, because…well Flaca is the best character ever(let’s cross our fingers for a spin-off).  There’s also a Piper-Larry reunion in this episode and of course Larry can’t come to visit his fiancée on Valentines Day, who might I add is in prison, to get her to start snooping around the prison for a story potentially getting her in even a more fucked up situation if she get’s caught without being a major asshole.  Thanks Larry, you’re the worst! 

I did love the whole sun-moon parallel, and I do love it when people call Piper out on her shit, even though I do sympathize with her a lot.  Larry then goes and steals a kiss from Polly because he doesn’t want to feed off other people’s light, so he goes and kisses his fiancée’s best friend to show that he’s totally like individual and stuff, yeah that didn’t make much sense.  Then Pete shows up and is awesome and nice for about a minute, can Pete also be in the Flaca spin-off? 

Sister Wife Trailer Trash Non-Reading Nothings!

I’m really loving Pennsatucky’s arc, she’s still ignorant and crazy, but she’s also kind of adorable(and apparently Hillary Clinton)!  That final scene between her and Healy sharing the cookie was so sweet, I’m actually kind of coming around to Healy nowadays.  That’s one of things that’s so impressive about the show, many of these characters have done absolutely horrific things and yet you can still find yourself empathizing with those same characters at certain points.  The show sort of asks you to separate the characters actions and sort of look at the person as a person and not as an individual action they committed. 

Leave room for Jesus!

There are a lot of heartwarming scenes at the end actually from Maritza and Flaca’s kiss, to Lorna and Suzanne just hugging it out(my favorite scene ever!), and the Healy-Pennsatucky scene I mentioned earlier.  To contrast there are also some “awww man!” scenes like that whole Taystee-Poussey scene which was a kick in the feels, and poor Caputo watching Fischer and douche guy together.  The episode ends with Nicky asking Piper what love is, and she responds by saying it’s like coming home after a long trip, a home that Piper may no longer have.  I really love the Piper-Nicky friendship and hope to see more of it next season.

Some other fun moments

  • Sister Ingalls tells Brook Soso to “PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!”, after Soso tries explaining to Sophia her complex conspiracy theory behind the story of “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”. 
  • The sex competition between Boo and Nicky is over.
  • Leanne is now leader of Pennsatucky’s old crew.

“You Also Have a Pizza” was excellent, one of the reasons the show feels so real to the audience is because of how effortlessly it mixes comedy with drama and emotion, and this episode is a perfect example of that.  

GRADE: A 96%



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