The L Word Season Two Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: “I Really Fucked Up”


So I finished Season Two of “The L Word” like four days ago and I’m already almost done with Season Three, which I vastly prefer so far.   I really loved Season One of “The L Word”, it was funny, sexy, insightful,  and it seemed realistic in many ways(though obviously there were some ridiculous moments, that required suspension of disbelief, but it’s television).  Season Two wasn’t necessarily bad, so much was it boring.  

There were a lot of fun moments, a couple of great episodes, some fucking awesome couples(I never knew how much I needed Dana and Alice to be together till it actually happened), and overall there were no real horrible episodes, but it felt as if it lost the spark of season one.  It was kind of like “Sex and the City” with lesbians/bisexual women.  Though I really loved the characters, I often wondered if I’d being watching the show if I wasn’t such a gross Yuri fanboy.  

That said I really loved a lot of aspects of the season.  The lesbian boat episode was fantastic, and while it didn’t exactly match up to the Dina Shore themed episode “Looking Back” from season one(which was one of the funnest[I know it’s not a word, but the dictionary can go fuck itself] viewing experiences I’ve ever had, ever), but it was up there definitely. 

Mia Kirshner’s continues to do an excellent job, and while I didn’t really buy into her character’s arc this season she did an excellent job.  A standout scene was how much emotion she was able to bring to the scene where she stripped naked before a crowd of screaming men, instead of being erotic, the scene was downright horrifying.  I was really happy when Tony Goldwyn(who has literally guest-starred on every Showtime series ever) gave her a hug, cause she really needed it.  Also her eyes make my heart melt.

The Mark storyline was literally the worst thing ever.  Seriously it made it so hard to enjoy other parts of the season, just because this storyline was so fucking stupid and gross.  The story painted scenes that should have been fun or sexy, to be kind of creepy because you knew that the characters were being watched.  On the contrary, I did love the Shane/Mark friendship, I think the character had a lot of potential to be Shane’s ignorant but well meaning lezbro/roommate. 

What can I say about the Dana/Alice romance, other than that I often found myself fangirling anytime they were together?  They are just too fucking cute together, and when Dana smiles my heart melts into a pile of goo.  They are now my OTP(alongside Palex, Karmy, and Hannigraham), seriously Alice and Dana are the best(side note:  I took Buzzfeed’s “Which L Word Character Are You?” quiz, and I got Alice.  I cried of joy, not really, but I did a dance of joy which was just as meaningful.  I AM ALICE, if Alice was a guy who wrote expletive filled blogs reviewing television shows on WordPress, but still, same person).  

Let’s not even talk about Helena, m’kay.  I actually love Season Three Helena, but Season Two Helena is the WORST!!!  The lack of Mr. Piddles is felt(we miss you Mister P!).  Kit shows up and does stuff sometimes, and says some sassy stuff, I love Kit even if her character doesn’t really have a purpose 80% of the time.  Bette and Tina getting back together made my heart grow ten times larger, and seeing Bette sad broke my heart.  Also how contrived was it that Bette and Kit’s dad just happened to be BFFs with Gloria Steinem?

Sarah Shahi is gorgeous and talented, and while I like her and Shane together in Season Three, I can’t really get into her character as an individual character.  There were a lot of good aspects of Season Two, but in terms of overall entertainment I felt a little unimpressed sometimes.  It was good, but I wouldn’t call it great by any means.  


GRADE:  B-  82 %


3 thoughts on “The L Word Season Two Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: “I Really Fucked Up””

  1. Hi, After you finish watching the show you may really enjoy my blog where I host three great L Word story series. And I have one on there that has no season spoilers for you and envisions Bette as Agent Porter and Tina, as her sexy secretive assassin agent partner. Command is the title of their espionage series. There are 9 or 10 Command stories on there, photo illustrated with their trips and missions around the world. It’s very entertaining and fans are now numbering over 1200 reads. and Command posts all stories here: @Command_Lword and

      1. All my stories are photo illustrated with images of Bette and Tina and locations where I put them either from the show or out of the context of the story I’ve dreamed up.

        It is so cool to write Bette as a spy. You will just love it. And Tina, as Agent T, is very different that Tina on the show. I started the espionage series, WET WORK, because I wanted to finish up my L Word inspired Behind the Scenes series, WeHo and get into my own version of Season 7 because I felt like Season 6 was so difficult to plod through as a behind the scene theme. Needing to hear Tina as a more grown up version of a woman in a relationship with Bette’s overpowering personality I created Command so Tina could get a gun and fly helicopters and zoom around on missions and fall in love with Agent Porter. It worked!

        WET WORK’s first story is here:

        WET WORK: Killer Tracks

        At present there are 10 chapters in WET WORK with many, many more to come.

        And Season 7 is really so great. I have three chapters in TOUCH TONES so far.

        Chapter One: After Midnight

        I believe you will enjoy your reading. Hope to hear from you after you take a look at WET WORK, and WeHo and then my new Season 7, TOUCH TONES.

        Thanks for writing back!


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