Teen Titans Volume 3 #1(2014) Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Some Stuff Happens, But Not Much Else


So it’s been a while since I’ve talked about comics, which is because I really haven’t been reading them.  I last visited the store like a month ago, and I still haven’t read all of those, but today I ventured outside for the first time since I started watching “The L Word”(jk sort of), to pick up “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O’Malley.  And of course, me being the spontaneous daredevil I am picked up “Teen Titans #1” as well.

I feel like the Teen Titans have always been sort of a missed opportunity for DC.  Marvel’s always done a much better job with their teen-driven books because they actually y’know feel like teen driven books.  With books like “The Runaways”(just typing that brought a smile to my face), “Avengers Academy”(which is sort of like “Degrassi” with super-heroes), and “Young Avengers”(which is sort of like “Skins” for superheroes), they’ve really been capture the voices of young people and tell stories centered around them.

With “Teen Titans” it’s just sort of felt like some smaller scale Justice League stories with shorter versions of the Justice League.  Now I’ve always been a fan of the Teen Titans as they were sort of my introduction into comics, but as they’ve continued to shuffle through every writer who isn’t writing any important books(except for…SCOTT LOBDELL, who wrote like every DC book at one time because the higher ups don’t know how to read, lol sorry, that was mean), I’ve just sort of fell out of the loop.

This issue is basically about some terrorists on a bus and the Teen Titans save the day, also Star LABS is up to some shady shit.  That is the whole issue summed up in a single line.  It was just really quick, and kind of boring.  I mean even the complete 90’s mind-fuck that was Scott Lobdell’s run on Teen Titans was at least sort of interesting because it was just so bad(note:  I’m a sane person who has some self respect(KEY WORD:  some, I do watch “True Blood” and “The L Word” after all), so I stopped reading after the first arc so please forgive if it got better after the first arc).

The art’s pretty gorgeous though.  Also dafuck was with Bunker attacking that guy for possibly being a homophobe(who knows maybe he was gonna say something nice?).  Also even if he was being a homophobe it’s not nice to hit people in the face with purple brick things without a really good reason for it.

There’s really no characterization either, which is a must for a first issue.  If you want to get people hooked you’ve got to show why these characters are interesting, what their dynamic is, and their personalities should be on display.   The only thing I know is Bunker and Beast Boy are besties, Wonder Girl has surprisingly big breast for a high schooler, and Bunker likes to hit people in the face with magic brick things.  There’s nothing inherently horrible about this issue, it’s just there’s nothing really interesting.

GRADE:  C 75%


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