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American Horror Story: Freak Show 4×10 “Orphans” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


I have to say with these last two episodes “Freak Show” has really upped it’s game.   “Orphans” is without a doubt the best episode of “Freak Show”, maybe even one of the best of the series.   The episode serves as a nice tie-in to “Asylum”, showing us the life of Pepper through flashbacks as well as having a quick appearance by Sister Mary Eunice, but it also starts to set the end of the season into motion while revealing the freak show’s beginnings.

First, I have to say it was nice to see Maggie unleashing her inner Madison Montgomery on Desiree.   While I can’t say I totally buy the Maggie/Jimmy romance,  I think the show finally justified her character this week, who prior to this really could be taken out of the season with no real impact to the story.  I feel as if I’m one of the few people that actually likes Emma Roberts, and not just because she’s hot(seriously though , can we please get a shot of Emma Robert’s booty or at least get another scene with her in her underwear like in “Coven”)Madison was one of the most consistent elements of “Coven” and I’m not going to suddenly forget that because her character this year is generally pretty dull.  What can I even say about Angela Basset, that I haven’t already?   She’s been killing it, and I’m hoping if any of the characters gets a happy ending it’s her.

Jessica Lange got some good stuff this week too.  It was nice to see the side of Elsa we saw in the premiere.  It’s strange I recently re-watched the premiere, and it’s crazy how much things have changed since and how many bizarre plot twists the show has taken since then.  Elsa was actually quite caring , even if a bit self-obsessed, at the beginning and seemed to care for the freaks in her own way.  This was Jessica Lange’s best episode all season, no doubt.  The Pepper backstory was really well done, and as much as I feared that it would seem out of nowhere it really didn’t and I don’t think I would have minded anyways.   It was a heartbreaking backstory, but god was it nice to see Briarcliff and Sister Mary Eunice again.  I hope that Naomi Grossman get’s an award for outstanding guest star or something because she was fantastic this week.

This was a great episode, and I’m actually excited to see what happens next.   We have Neil Patrick Harris and Jamie Brewer(Addy/Nan!!!) in the next two episodes to look forward too.   I’m super excited for Jamie Brewer’s return, hopefully her role is a bit more interesting than Gabourey Sidibe and Emma Robert’s “Freak Show” characters.  These last two episodes have really upped the stakes, maybe “Freak Show” will be able to end with some style.



American Horror Story: Freak Show “Blood Bath” MAJOR SPOILERS/Review: Mother’s Greatest Gift


Gloria:  No.   I can’t live without you.

Dandy: Okay.  (shoots her)

I wasn’t a fan of this episode.  Or the last.   Or maybe even the whole season.   I’m not sure.   But what I know is I didn’t care much for this episode, and that this season has a lot of wasted potential.   I mean when I looked at the credits and saw Danny Huston and Gabourey Sidibe were back, I was so excited then this episode just…happened.    It was a mess, I feel like the season might go down as my least favorite if they don’t speed up soon.

Okay, so in my time of reflection I realized Finn Wittorock is actually really fucking awesome.   I feel like I was taking his performance too seriously at first, but now I’ve seen the light.   Having said that his storyline isn’t really going anywhere.   Like he still hasn’t really tied himself into the “Freak Show” enough.  While I’m sad to see Gloria go(Frances Conroy deserves a much better role next season, I mean don’t get me wrong she was great this year, it’s just her character wasn’t), that death scene was fucking brilliant and probably one of the few bright spots in the episode.  Gabourey Sidibe’s character better have a purpose, I mean I love Gabby, but I feel like this might just be another one of those “LOOK WHO’S ON THE SHOW? BAM DEY DEAD!” moments or worse…a Patti Lupone, where she ends up having no purpose and is just there to look pretty.

The Angela Basset and the Freak Women thing was so fucking campy.  Like I really wondered if the dialogue was a joke or not.  So bad, yet so good.   Seriously Angela Basset, Kathy Bates, and Frances Conroy are gonna run this bitch next year without Lange.  Speaking of, Ethel’s death was too soon, and not necessary at all.   Though, this “American Horror Story” we’ll probably get a couple flashbacks of bearded Kathy Bates in all her greatness.  Jessica Lange brought the camp, and it was great, even though that dialogue was also really awful.  Also why did no one assume that Strong Man doucheface Michael Chiklis might have had something to do with Ma Petite’s death after what he did to Amazon Eve?

Also mega props to Denis O’Hare, he is killing it this year.  His character is great, Emma Robert’s on the other hand…  It’s a shame, really.   I know people give her a lot of shit, but I loved Madison last year and she and Myrtle were my two favorite parts of “Coven” so I’ve been really excited to see what Emma Robert’s would get to do this season.   Well, the answer to that is still up in the air.   The character has done nothing.   Plus what the fuck was with her suddenly being the voice of reason?   I’m hoping she get’s a psycho character next season, I love Emma Roberts, and I really wish she had more to do.

Overall, there was some great acting, and some unintentionally funny moments, but overall this episode was pretty shitty.   It’s not even fun to hate watch.   I really hope they step it up.   Also Danny Huston is back, or was, hopefully they do something with that.   Next week, Lilly Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice and Briarcliff return so YAY for that!   I miss season two, and I’m really pumped to see Briarcliff even if for five minutes or whatever amount of time it’ll be.   That said Pepper hasn’t really done anything this season, so it feel weird we’d just through her off the island in one episode and give her focus just to let her go.

GRADE:  C 75%

American Horror Story Coven: “The Seven Wonders” isn’t so Wonderful Review/MAJOR SPOILERS

After a really bad penultimate episode, American Horror Story manages to…NOPE!  When the season started it had so much potential, most of the characters really drew me in right away, the writing was a superb mix of horror and dark comedy.  I liked it so much I went back and watched the first two seasons and got obsessed with the show, but soon the writing began to take a turn for the worse and everyone was getting resurrected left and right, and it was basically just bitchy quips and bits of horror mixed in.  Ideas were being tossed in and out(not that AHS hasn’t done this before but this season actually suffers from it) and eventually I just started to lose interest.

However when Episodes Ten and Eleven came around I grew excited again as the show seemed to be recovering, alas that was not the case.  These final two episodes have been ridiculous, absolutely f*cking ridiculous, and not in the good way.  They bring to light one of the main problems with the season:  why does this matter?  As I watched the finale I wondered what really was the point of Zoe and Kyle coming back anyways(or at all), what was the point of Delphine at all, and as much as I enjoyed Marie what was the point of that entire conflict between the two covens? 

The supposed theme of the season was minorities fighting so much among themselves that they forget who the problem is, but there was absolutely nothing even similar to that at all in the finale.  When you pick a theme you should stick to it, Season One deviated from it’s theme a bit but in the end they brought the story back to it, and Asylum was definitely the most focused of the bunch.  At the end of this finale the only theme I got was that the good guys win and the bad guys lose(except for Spalding who can now use Madison’s corpse as a sex-doll for eternity, because that’s definitely justice *rolls eyes*). 

The reveal of Cordelia being the Supreme was absolutely one of the most underwhelming reveals to ever be shown on television ever.  Ryan Murphy had talked up the reveal so much saying how no one had guessed the Supreme, and maybe that was just a way to throw us off, but Delia was one of the first guesses I even heard as to who would be the Supreme.  Also when she’s talking about how maybe it’s better if they all die off if Madison is their only hope I cringed like crazy.  I know that a lot of the final episodes had Myrtle talking about how strong and courageous Delia was(probably because if they had one of the best characters say how great Delia was maybe the audience would believe it), as Fiona would say:  Jesus Christ!  Under Delia’s watch one girl got her throat slit and became a sex doll for the creepy butler, another got buried alive, another drowned in a bathtub, another shot in the head, her husband was a witch hunter who shot up a hair salon full of witches, and they also employed a racist serial killer!  That doesn’t exactly sound like someone I’d trust to run a Coven.

There were some bright spots in the episode like Madison(God rest her soul) and her hell being cast in NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live”, Myrtle(may she play thermin with the angels) just being Myrtle and going out like the badass and most fabulous motherf***er this earth has ever seen, that Stevie Nicks opening which was a lot of fun, and that scene with Fiona and Delia was actually quite good.  However the bad far outweighs the good(seriously Zoe’s hell is that Kyle doesn’t love her was the stupidest thing ever, Taissa’s great but even she couldn’t bring anything to that line at all.  Though I suppose it’s fitting the most boring of the witches is the one with the most boring hell).  The worst part of the episode for me was Madison’s death, which is quite possibly the stupidest death I’ve ever witnessed on television ever(aside from Andrea on “The Walking Dead”).  The girl who blew up a goddamn bus and could basically do anything she wanted, got killed by getting strangled by Kyle who can barely form a proper sentence.  She could have easily blown up with a snap of a finger and that’s how she goes out.  Stupid.

Fiona returns for about five minutes where she has a very good scene with Delia, though I must say was expecting her to kill Delia after Delia refused to off her.  We then find out that her hell is living in a cabin with the Axeman and eating raw fish, when she woke up I legitimately thought that the whole season was going to have been a dream by Jude, the set looked exactly likes Kit’s house and she was wearing her old grandma Jude clothes.  Delia also gives a speech reminiscent of Lana’s in “Madness Ends” which only adds to the shitty-ness of the finale.  By bringing up “Madness Ends”(while I preferred Season One because it was less dark,  “Madness Ends” is one of the most beautiful finales I ever seen.  Absolutely perfect) it just makes this finale look worse.

Misty also dies because she can’t kill a living thing(which if the writers remember correctly she already did when she brought back the zombie gators to kill those hunters) and is stuck in her hell for the rest of her existence killing and resurrecting frogs.  This finale was the literal definition of anti-climactic.  The episode wasn’t just bad, it was boring.  I don’t blame this on Doug Petrie(who wrote numerous episodes of Buffy), but rather on all the writers for how many unnecessary plots were introduced and how the season turned into such a clusterf*ck.  The finale could have just been Stevie Nicks singing through the hallways and it would have been more exciting than what we got(just thought I’d mention it again, I loved that opening).  I know I’ll probably watch next season if only out of habit, but I’m extremely hesitant about it.  They’d have to bring back Emma Roberts and Alexandra Breckenridge(mmm…), Frances Conroy’s name doesn’t even have to be spoken, she will return and if she doesn’t I won’t.  Frances Conroy rules the universe, all hail the queen!



American Horror Story “Protect The Coven” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


I understand that a lot of people have been really aggravated with these last few episodes, but while I feel the middle part of Coven was getting really shocking for the sake of shocking, I actually have loved these last two episodes.  “Protect The Coven” is absolutely batshit insane and that’s what I love about it, from Axeman going all out badass on the witch hunters, to Madison calling Myrtle a “old hot pocket” and then exclaiming “crotchless panties for everyone!”, I really loved this episode.  Sure “Coven” shouldn’t exactly be rounding up any awards this season,  but the over the top absurdity of the show is something I really admire. 

The Marie and Fiona partnership is a lot of fun to watch, and the Axeman has been much more interesting here than he was in the first few episodes he was in.  The funeral scene for Nan was oddly hilarious, mostly due to Lange and Basset’s performances.  Basset’s facial expression and exclaiming of “Amen!” and clap of the hands killed me, as did her reaction to Queenie’s anger over leaving her(“Oh girl c’mere, I thought yoass was dead”).  Marie’s just amazing in this episode, if any two performers from Coven deserve Emmys it’s Basset and Frances Conroy(I’d also like Emma to win, but I think that’d be unlikely to happen).  Also I metaphorically died when she ordered the sprite, diet sprite.

Seeing the Axeman go and kill of the witch hunters(RIP Hank’s dad, and Mike Colter’s character.  I really like Mike Colter, Ringer was a real guilty pleasure of mine and it was nice to see him even if it was for only three episodes).  The episode begins to tie up the Madison/Kyle/Zoe love triangle, by literally sending Zoe and Kyle off on a bus.  I totally though Madison was going to blow the bus up at the end, I felt it would have made the scene much more powerful and brought things back to the beginning of the season.  I actually like Zoe, and it was nice to see Evan Peters actually talk for a change but I feel like their storyline has kind of been wasted.  I would have liked if Kyle had been conscious since the beginning and see him react to the reveal of witches existing and all that mumbo jumbo. 

Oh and Queenie’s back, and might be the Supreme.  This was the most ridiculous part of the episode because it just felt so forced, like I got ONE new power I must be the Supreme(next week Myrtle’s thermin will start mimicking the violin, and the series ending twist that no one guessed is the thermin is the new supreme).  I wish they would have had a better explanation for her return though, also Delphine’s got her body again(because there is no such thing as consequence in the world of Coven) and still wearing Ed Hardy.  Also that whole character arc with her seeing the errors of her way and her abandoning her prejudice is abandoned and she kills an injured African American man in the present, although in the shows defense it does state that she’s just a straight up sociopath and just prefers black blood. 

Spalding’s also back, because why not, still a ghost though and he’s still eerily creepy but still kind of funny.  He convinces Delphine to get him a doll in exchange for the secret to killing Marie(Benadryl, yes that Benadryl.  It’s pretty amazing, it doesn’t actually kill her she’s just allergic, but the scene where Delphine “poisons” her was hilarious).  The Spalding and Delphine duo is pretty cool to see, but seeing him holding the baby at the end was to me the scariest thing that’s happened all season. 

Myrtle is still a goddess, and deserves her own spin-off(and movie).  Frances is amazing.  Cordelia jabs her eyes out to protect the coven.  I love Sarah Paulson, I really feel for her here.  Overall, this episode was a lot of fun.  Maybe Coven isn’t perfect, but all of the action and dark humor is really a lot of fun to watch, regardless of the fact that the writers have poor plotting skills. 

THEORY FOR THE FINAL TWO EPISODES:  Next week will close out most of the major storylines and characters similar to the 12th episodes of Seasons 1 and 2, most of the character will probably die.  Madison’ll probably be killed by Zoe or Kyle(Zoe or Kyle will also die), Cordelia will kill Fiona and she might die too(maybe by the Axeman or Spalding), Misty will be freed, and Myrtle will take over the reigns of the Robichaux School.  The Supreme will be the baby, and the final episode will be about the new class of witches at the school, or something.  I don’t know, I might be right but who knows.

GRADE:  A+ 95%(Graded on curve, because while it’s not the most well plotted season, the craziness is just off the walls insane and amazing)

+Axeman VS Witchhunters

+ Fiona and Marie(mostly Marie)

+ Myrtle, the queen of everything.

+ Madison

+ Benadryl


– Everyone is the Supreme



American Horror Story: Coven “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Don’t be a hater dear.

Despite this week’s extremely campy title, this weeks installment of Coven is the best one in a while.  This week’s episode introduces us to the Fiona/Marie’s dangerous duo, and what a dangerous one it is indeed.  This episode has raised the suspense level up ten notches by getting rid of one of it’s best and most Deus Ex Machina-y characters:  Misty Day(at least temporarily).  This episode did a great job of mixing humor with horror, and accomplished more than all nine episodes before it. 

The titular guest star actually does add to the episode, as Stevie helps elevate the tension between Madison and Misty, which is eventually the swamp witches undoing.  The two’s interaction was exceptional, and it made me wish we could have seen a bit more of the dynamic before Misty ended up six feet under(quite literally).  The visual of Madison knocking Misty into the coffin, and then doing the shawl twirl was hilarious, Emma Roberts just must return next season I demand it! 

We also get to learn more about Marie’s past, which reveals she’s no saint.  Her immortality is due to her deal with voodoo god Papa Legba, where she will sacrifice an innocent once a year(including but not limited to unfortunately babies), and Legba is collecting.  The flashback scene was great and Angela Basset doesn’t look a day over thirty.  This results in Marie kidnapping a baby from the hospital for her next deal, but luckily Nan intervenes leaving the baby alive and the not so innocent but close enough Nan dead(“Really she’s innocent, she killed the neighbor lady, but the bitch had it coming”). 

Lance Reddick gives a superb performance, and I can’t wait to see more of Papa Legba.  I have a feeling the baby may just be the next Supreme, notice Fiona’s symptoms have been worsening, secondly Ryan Murphy has stated that no one has guessed who the new Supreme is, and that the ending regarding the Supreme would be an ironic twist filled with dark humor.  It’d be incredibly ironic that Fiona saves the baby, to kill Nan because she’s a “potential supreme”, when the one she saved ended up being the one killing her.  Just a guess.  The Axeman also returns, and in a spectacular scene Fiona decides that she’s to kill all the witches(“Didn’t you hear?  I don’t have a soul, I’m going to kill ’em all”). 

Myrtle only appears in one scene but damn is it a good one.  Delia is throwing a fit after her mother tells her that she’s a waste, and Myrtle decides to cheer her up by playing Thermin(some sort of instrument used in Science Fiction moves according to an interview I read, could this be a hint to Season Four, that and the possibility of Santa Fe(desert) as setting hints at the possibility of a science fiction based Season Four)

The final scene with Fiona and Stevie Nicks playing “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You” was while incredibly powerful and well done, a bit strange. This being because this episode kind of did away with the whole Fiona is a sympathetic character with her killing Nan and planning on killing all of the witches. Still the scene was great and very moving.
Overall, this episode really got stuff up and running again. After a couple weak episode “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” really brought back the excitement that I had earlier in the season.

American Horror Story Coven: The Good, The Bad, and the Wicked


“American Horror Story: Coven” while incredibly entertaining, has gone from sharply written jaw dropping fun to mostly just jaw dropping twists.  It’s still the show I look forward to most each week, just because of the fantastic cast and crazy fun, but the show’s writing has definitely taken a toll these last few weeks.  So what have I loved about this season and what have I hated?  Read further!

The Good

  1. Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery

It shouldn’t come as a surprise(bitch!) that Emma Roberts performance as Madison Montgomery has been the breakout performance of the season.  From her first scene in episode one, I was hooked to her character.  Watching her intently to see what crazy stunt or bitchy quip she’d come up with next.  Emma Roberts has been able to convey a wide range of emotions, and clearly gives it her all in each every scene she performs in, and it shows.  I can only hope that Emma Roberts is back for Season Four. 

   2.  The Cast in General

There really isn’t weak link in the cast.  I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Gabourey Sidibe’s work on the show, but I personally have loved her work.  Taissa Farmiga transitions great from wallflower witch to badass.  Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Basset’s names alone should explain their work.  Lily Rabe’s perfect as the sweet swamp witch Misty, and her southern accent sounds as if it was natural.  As uninteresting as the Kyle storyline has been, Evan Peters has absolutely killed it as Kyle.  Seriously, the emotion he’s able to portray is superb.  Jamie Brewer also does some great work here, and I particularly enjoyed her translating Spalding, one of the best scenes of the season. 

The supporting cast is just as great.  Alexandra Breckenridge popping up in two episodes was great, and I need her back next year.  Hank’s actor has done some excellent work as well, but I got to wonder given the similarities between him and Dylan McDermott, do you think he was cast because Dylan was busy with Hostages?  Regardless he’s been great. 

           3. Directorial Risks

The directors have taken a lot of risks with the visuals of the series.  The shots and effects have been great. 

         4.  Entertaining

Despite some of the weaker aspects the show still manages to entertain me each and every week. 

       THE BAD

   -1. To Much in To Little Time It seems as if with each new episode there’s a new storyline being introduced, and if the show wasn’t a 13 episode mini-series that’d be great, but here we are Episode Nine of Thirteen, and there are still so many storylines that haven’t been resolved. What happened to the Axeman? Is that storyline going to resolve itself, or will the character just be forgotten? With just four episodes left, I don’t see them being able to wrap it all up in a satisfying way.
-2. Family Next Door Luke and his mother, who’s played by Patti LaPone, have been two of the most aggravating aspects of the season. They just aren’t interesting! I also don’t get why they even brought the mother back, outside of her being played by Patti LaPone.
-3. Should’ve Been Extended Into Two Seasons I know the whole point of the series is it’s anthology style, and each story is a new one, but this particular one should have been stretched out into two seasons. The characters and storylines are too big to just be rushed in one season of thirteen episodes. By “Murder House” episode nine you could already feel that the story was winding down, this show it seems like we have another dozen or so episodes left.
-4. To Much Humor, Not Enough Story While I’ve absolutely loved the humor this season, I feel like they’re kind of overdoing it a bit. The story seems to be coming second to the witty one liners. There needs to be a balance there between story and humor, and there isn’t.
The season while entertaining has definitely been lacking. The cast, the ideas, and the humor is spot on. Even the ideas are in the right place, but when it comes down to the execution of the stories it’s been really off. Hopefully these final episodes are able to steer the series in the right direction, and hopefully next season is a bit more focused.

American Horror Story: Coven “Head” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


I’ve determined that it’s best to just watch and enjoy Coven while it’s on, and then just don’t think about it at all.  Because the moment you think about it, the moment you realize the f*ckery that is this show.  Now that’s not to say I haven’t been really entertained by all the bitchy one liners, and bizarre plot twists, but this show has just kind of become all style and no substance.  I’m not saying I’m expecting something uber-realistic and deep from the show that’s brought us zombies threesomes and zombie-alligator attacks, but couldn’t they find a way to make a solid mix? 

Another issue I’m having is that there are only FOUR episodes left, one of which is Stevie Nick’s acting debut, and there are a ton of storylines that need resolving.  Axeman, Zoe/Kyle/Madison, Spalding’s ghost, Fiona’s cancer, and the Supreme just to name a few.  Can they really resolve them all, and do justice to them in just four episode?  I’d wager no, but we’ll have to see what the writers have in store for us. 

Now on the more positive side of things, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the last two.  Cordelia’s character has definitely risen up to be one of the most interesting of the bunch, her scene where she drops the glass was so sad I just wanted to give her a hug, and her interaction with Misty was superb and definitely did a great job of conveying the girl power feel the season’s been trying to convey. 

Frances Conroy has done a brilliant job as Myrtle, but as humorous as it was seeing her clap with the hands of the two dead Witch Council member’s hands I felt the whole thing came off as a bit out of character.  While Myrtle has definitely been loony, especially after she was brought back, the idea of her murdering and cutting up Quincy(shame I was hoping to see more Fiona Quincy scenes) and Pemberton definitely just seemed like a attention grab.  However like I said she’s been great with her over the top performances and the role in the hands of the wrong actress could have been extremely annoying.

Speaking of the right actress doing wonders for a role that could just as easily been boring and underdeveloped, comes Angela Basset as Marie.  As enjoyable as her quips have been her character, as well as the other salon workers and friends have been completely underdeveloped.  It’s something I didn’t really notice till this episode when they all got killed(save Marie), of the workers only one has had any dialogue this whole season(the one in the Halloween special).  Angela and Jessica’s scenes have been spectacular this season, and one can only hope now that they’re working together that we get to see more of them.  Also how great would it be to see Myrtle and Marie interact? 

The neighbors storyline just feels completely unnecessary, with all these storylines going on do we really need to focus on the neighbors who no one cares about.  I just didn’t feel all that sad when Patti LaPone’s character pillowed her son to death, and I don’t really get why they brought her character back outside of her being Patti LaPone.  We don’t get much of Zoe and Madison, but since I didn’t review last week I’m going to share a little theory I have.  So last week Madison didn’t really start crying till Zoe told Kyle she loved him, and the week before Madison seemed more interested in getting with Zoe than Kyle when she showed up in the bathroom, and Zoe’s been the closest thing she’s had to a friend since her time at the Academy.  Maybe she’s in love with Zoe?  I don’t know just throwing it out there. 

The Hank scenes are real standouts in the episode.  Also Mike Colter from Ringer(My other favorite short lived guilty pleasure) guest stars as a witch hunter and may show up in future episodes so there’s a plus.  Was it just me or did Delphi remind anyone of Wolfram & Hart from Angel?  Yeah, Hank was great this week and it was nice to see he did really have feelings for Delia in the end. 

I’ve heard a lot of people found the final scene offensive, but I actually thought it was kind of powerful(that or I just really loved that song “Oh Freedom”).  Even though I know Queenie will be alive by two episode’s time, I was still screaming when I saw her get shot.  Then when she kills Hank, what an epic moment I mean that’s the coolest kill all season without a doubt.  Great special affects there too.

Oh silly Kyle.  Evan Peter’s reaction to the doggy was priceless, and I wonder now that he’s smarter how he’ll react to Zoe and Madison.  Jessica Lange is great as always. 

Overall, this was a decent episode but it’s hard to imagine it’ll have any huge consequences considering all of the dead-alive twists this season.  I also feel like this show is better in binges.

Grade:  B- 82%