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Jane the Virgin “Chapter 21” Review/Major Spoilers


My first review in like twelve years, yay.   So can I just say how much I love this show?  Because I love it so much.   Gina Rodriguez is so talented, pretty, funny, and did I mention pretty.   The characters just feel so real, the plot is soapy and fun, and the product placement for Target never fails fo amuse me(JTV drinking game: take a shot everytime a character references Target).

So I’m kind of getting sick of Rogelio.   He was a favorite for a while, but I’m starting to get sick of his narcassism.  I kind of want Xiomara to date someone who cares more about her.

i’m so happy Luisa is back.  She’s my favorite character, I have a hunch that her “new girlfriend” is really Rose, which I both like and dislike as an idea because I like the new girlfriend a lot and don’t want to lose her but I also like Rose.

Jane and Michael seem to be nearing a reunion which at this point I’m kind of rooting for.   I’m not really much of a shipper but they have had  some great moments lately that  make me hope they get back together.   I don’t even try to ship with this show, it’s too hard because one. episode I’m rooting for Jane/Rafael, then I’m rooting for Jane/Michael.   I have a feeling the finale will end with a very “Veronica Mars”-y ending with us not knowing who Jane chooses.

Side Notes

*  I wrote this on my phone so excuse any weird formatting issues please.

*  Jane’s best friend rom OITNB is wonderful and needs to be a regular next season.

* Abuela’s eyes shoul be listed in the credits, she makes such a great like what the fuck looks with her eyes. It’s great.

* I love the text messaging on this show.   Makes it seem more real.

Overall, I absolutely loved this episode.  Watch this show please.