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American Horror Story: Freak Show 4×10 “Orphans” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


I have to say with these last two episodes “Freak Show” has really upped it’s game.   “Orphans” is without a doubt the best episode of “Freak Show”, maybe even one of the best of the series.   The episode serves as a nice tie-in to “Asylum”, showing us the life of Pepper through flashbacks as well as having a quick appearance by Sister Mary Eunice, but it also starts to set the end of the season into motion while revealing the freak show’s beginnings.

First, I have to say it was nice to see Maggie unleashing her inner Madison Montgomery on Desiree.   While I can’t say I totally buy the Maggie/Jimmy romance,  I think the show finally justified her character this week, who prior to this really could be taken out of the season with no real impact to the story.  I feel as if I’m one of the few people that actually likes Emma Roberts, and not just because she’s hot(seriously though , can we please get a shot of Emma Robert’s booty or at least get another scene with her in her underwear like in “Coven”)Madison was one of the most consistent elements of “Coven” and I’m not going to suddenly forget that because her character this year is generally pretty dull.  What can I even say about Angela Basset, that I haven’t already?   She’s been killing it, and I’m hoping if any of the characters gets a happy ending it’s her.

Jessica Lange got some good stuff this week too.  It was nice to see the side of Elsa we saw in the premiere.  It’s strange I recently re-watched the premiere, and it’s crazy how much things have changed since and how many bizarre plot twists the show has taken since then.  Elsa was actually quite caring , even if a bit self-obsessed, at the beginning and seemed to care for the freaks in her own way.  This was Jessica Lange’s best episode all season, no doubt.  The Pepper backstory was really well done, and as much as I feared that it would seem out of nowhere it really didn’t and I don’t think I would have minded anyways.   It was a heartbreaking backstory, but god was it nice to see Briarcliff and Sister Mary Eunice again.  I hope that Naomi Grossman get’s an award for outstanding guest star or something because she was fantastic this week.

This was a great episode, and I’m actually excited to see what happens next.   We have Neil Patrick Harris and Jamie Brewer(Addy/Nan!!!) in the next two episodes to look forward too.   I’m super excited for Jamie Brewer’s return, hopefully her role is a bit more interesting than Gabourey Sidibe and Emma Robert’s “Freak Show” characters.  These last two episodes have really upped the stakes, maybe “Freak Show” will be able to end with some style.



American Horror Story: Freak Show “Blood Bath” MAJOR SPOILERS/Review: Mother’s Greatest Gift


Gloria:  No.   I can’t live without you.

Dandy: Okay.  (shoots her)

I wasn’t a fan of this episode.  Or the last.   Or maybe even the whole season.   I’m not sure.   But what I know is I didn’t care much for this episode, and that this season has a lot of wasted potential.   I mean when I looked at the credits and saw Danny Huston and Gabourey Sidibe were back, I was so excited then this episode just…happened.    It was a mess, I feel like the season might go down as my least favorite if they don’t speed up soon.

Okay, so in my time of reflection I realized Finn Wittorock is actually really fucking awesome.   I feel like I was taking his performance too seriously at first, but now I’ve seen the light.   Having said that his storyline isn’t really going anywhere.   Like he still hasn’t really tied himself into the “Freak Show” enough.  While I’m sad to see Gloria go(Frances Conroy deserves a much better role next season, I mean don’t get me wrong she was great this year, it’s just her character wasn’t), that death scene was fucking brilliant and probably one of the few bright spots in the episode.  Gabourey Sidibe’s character better have a purpose, I mean I love Gabby, but I feel like this might just be another one of those “LOOK WHO’S ON THE SHOW? BAM DEY DEAD!” moments or worse…a Patti Lupone, where she ends up having no purpose and is just there to look pretty.

The Angela Basset and the Freak Women thing was so fucking campy.  Like I really wondered if the dialogue was a joke or not.  So bad, yet so good.   Seriously Angela Basset, Kathy Bates, and Frances Conroy are gonna run this bitch next year without Lange.  Speaking of, Ethel’s death was too soon, and not necessary at all.   Though, this “American Horror Story” we’ll probably get a couple flashbacks of bearded Kathy Bates in all her greatness.  Jessica Lange brought the camp, and it was great, even though that dialogue was also really awful.  Also why did no one assume that Strong Man doucheface Michael Chiklis might have had something to do with Ma Petite’s death after what he did to Amazon Eve?

Also mega props to Denis O’Hare, he is killing it this year.  His character is great, Emma Robert’s on the other hand…  It’s a shame, really.   I know people give her a lot of shit, but I loved Madison last year and she and Myrtle were my two favorite parts of “Coven” so I’ve been really excited to see what Emma Robert’s would get to do this season.   Well, the answer to that is still up in the air.   The character has done nothing.   Plus what the fuck was with her suddenly being the voice of reason?   I’m hoping she get’s a psycho character next season, I love Emma Roberts, and I really wish she had more to do.

Overall, there was some great acting, and some unintentionally funny moments, but overall this episode was pretty shitty.   It’s not even fun to hate watch.   I really hope they step it up.   Also Danny Huston is back, or was, hopefully they do something with that.   Next week, Lilly Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice and Briarcliff return so YAY for that!   I miss season two, and I’m really pumped to see Briarcliff even if for five minutes or whatever amount of time it’ll be.   That said Pepper hasn’t really done anything this season, so it feel weird we’d just through her off the island in one episode and give her focus just to let her go.

GRADE:  C 75%

American Horror Story: Freak Show “Edward Mordrake”(Parts One and Two) Review/Major Spoilers: Douche Clown Rises


Another year, another “American Horror Story” Halloween special. I have to say that each year these episodes deviate more and more from the Halloween theme, but “Edward Mordrake” two-parter really got me interested/a little worried in seeing where this season is going. Last night’s episode was much more fun and faster paced than the others before it, but I do have some minor fears about this season.

So the biggest twist of last night’s episode had to be Twisty’s death, which I admit was sort of inevitable because keeping him and those kids in the bus around longer might have pushed the boundaries of disbelief(then again, this is “American Horror Story”, so….), but it was still a shock to me. John Carrol Lynch really killed it this week, and I did sort of find myself feeling for Twisty a bit(though it’s a little crazy to think the sweet clown in the flashbacks just needs someone to reject his toys for him to go on a killing spree, but hey…”American Horror Story”). Also place another bingo chip on the severe mommy issues free space on your “American Horror Story” bingo card(Twisty just wanted to make momma happy, you guys. Jeez, I’d really like to meet Ryan Murphy’s mom).

Then the other twist is Dandy a.k.a Douche Clown is now the new Twisty, ew. He also killed Dora, aka god. Like fuck you Dandy, Ryan Murphy better bring back Dora or I’m done with this show. Luckily she gave birth to Gabourey Sidibe who will be back in a few episodes, hopefully to slap the shit out of Dandy and call Maggie a bitch. Honestly the Dandy twist has me worried, because he’s the worst, and I’m so sick of these douchey serial killer boys on my television. Someone just needs slap that little shit in the head(I think I just got possessed by the ghost of Dora)

Elsa lost her legs when she got raped by “watchers” in a dirty German snuff film(because, of course she did). There’s also fem-dom dog play, BDSM, and all sorts of other sex acts torn out of the kinkiest editions of “Savage Love” column. Also how hot did Jessica Lange look in that leather Elvira, vampire mistress of the night, outfit? I’d be her dog any day…did I just type that for the whole internet to see?

Also Maggie and Jimmy are going to fuck soon, I can feel it. I’m kind of bored by Emma Robert’s character this year, I just want her to smoke cigs, and call people bitches again like last year(her best line so far is “I’ve got to go pee”, forealz). Still the physical presence of Emma Roberts is still enough to keep me watching. Also Evan Peter’s character is good again, and we must forget that he killed an officer for doing his job because duh, the freaks are the good ones, it’s the real world that’s bad.

Del and Desiree are going through a sexual rough patch, in what might be the most unsubtle bit of foreshadowing this show has ever done(Spoilers you guys: Del is gay!). Which is you know a bit problematic because it implies that the only people that could love or have sex with a woman with a penis are closeted gay men(btdubs: I know real intersex people do not have penises, but the show seems to be telling us that Desiree does, so therein lies the problem). However this is a Ryan Murphy show, therefore any expectations of the show delving into the nuances of human sexuality in a more complex way beyond straight=vagina lover and gay=dick lover, with a catty reference to bisexuals being confused, should be left at the door.

I’m really digging Kathy Bates character this year, and her scene with the doctor was fantastic. She’s definitely got a much meatier role than sassy racist serial killer head from last season(omg, when she was just a talking racist head, oh god, “American Horror Story” I love you so much). Also Jessica Lange covered Lana Del Rey, it was historically inaccurate but also amazing. Got to admit I’m digging these musical numbers more than I thought I would be. Denis O’Hare’s character has a lot more flare this year than in the other seasons. Very Russel-ish, he’s a much engaging foe than Spalding or Larry. Anyways “Edward Mordrake” started a bit slow, but by the second hour it seemed the show was finally ready to show us the good stuff.

Other Things

+  We’ll always remember that time Dora dressed up like Woody the Woodpecker, and didn’t give a fuck what anybody thought about it.   We’ll miss you Dora:(

+Pepper is still awesome/underutilized.

+ Lilly Rabe will be back in episode ten reprising her role as Sister Mary Eunice from season two. I would show concern because it’s GOING AGAINST THE RULES OF THE SHOW, but who the fuck cares? It’s Lilly fucking Rabe, who the fuck are you?!?

+Edward Mordrake kind of sucked.

+ Happy early Halloween!

GRADE: B(Part One)/A-(Part Two)

Teen Titans Volume 3 #1(2014) Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Some Stuff Happens, But Not Much Else


So it’s been a while since I’ve talked about comics, which is because I really haven’t been reading them.  I last visited the store like a month ago, and I still haven’t read all of those, but today I ventured outside for the first time since I started watching “The L Word”(jk sort of), to pick up “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O’Malley.  And of course, me being the spontaneous daredevil I am picked up “Teen Titans #1” as well.

I feel like the Teen Titans have always been sort of a missed opportunity for DC.  Marvel’s always done a much better job with their teen-driven books because they actually y’know feel like teen driven books.  With books like “The Runaways”(just typing that brought a smile to my face), “Avengers Academy”(which is sort of like “Degrassi” with super-heroes), and “Young Avengers”(which is sort of like “Skins” for superheroes), they’ve really been capture the voices of young people and tell stories centered around them.

With “Teen Titans” it’s just sort of felt like some smaller scale Justice League stories with shorter versions of the Justice League.  Now I’ve always been a fan of the Teen Titans as they were sort of my introduction into comics, but as they’ve continued to shuffle through every writer who isn’t writing any important books(except for…SCOTT LOBDELL, who wrote like every DC book at one time because the higher ups don’t know how to read, lol sorry, that was mean), I’ve just sort of fell out of the loop.

This issue is basically about some terrorists on a bus and the Teen Titans save the day, also Star LABS is up to some shady shit.  That is the whole issue summed up in a single line.  It was just really quick, and kind of boring.  I mean even the complete 90’s mind-fuck that was Scott Lobdell’s run on Teen Titans was at least sort of interesting because it was just so bad(note:  I’m a sane person who has some self respect(KEY WORD:  some, I do watch “True Blood” and “The L Word” after all), so I stopped reading after the first arc so please forgive if it got better after the first arc).

The art’s pretty gorgeous though.  Also dafuck was with Bunker attacking that guy for possibly being a homophobe(who knows maybe he was gonna say something nice?).  Also even if he was being a homophobe it’s not nice to hit people in the face with purple brick things without a really good reason for it.

There’s really no characterization either, which is a must for a first issue.  If you want to get people hooked you’ve got to show why these characters are interesting, what their dynamic is, and their personalities should be on display.   The only thing I know is Bunker and Beast Boy are besties, Wonder Girl has surprisingly big breast for a high schooler, and Bunker likes to hit people in the face with magic brick things.  There’s nothing inherently horrible about this issue, it’s just there’s nothing really interesting.

GRADE:  C 75%

Orange is the New Black Season Two Episode Four “A Whole Other Hole” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Crazy for Loving You


You know she’s right Chapman, you really are a terrible person.

I’m currently seven episodes in(going to start eight after this review, I haven’t watched in two days to prolong the experience!), and alongside “You Also Have a Pizza”(which will for sure get reviewed), “A Whole Other Hole” is probably one of my favorite episodes so far.  The episode is focused on Lorna, but really everyone gets their chance to shine from Nicky and Big Boo having a fuck off, some interesting developments with Poussey, and some of my favorite Piper scenes yet.  


Brook:  You were trying to trade me?  For a blanket?

Taylor fucking Schilling you guys, that is all.  No, but really how amazing has she been this season?  Her storyline with Brook Soso in this episode was just the perfect mesh of hilarious and “God, that’s a fucked up thing to do”.  Brook is such a fun character, she’s like the Britta of Litchfield, she really is the worst(minor spoilers:  when Sister Ingalls tells her to “shut the fuck up” at the Valentines Day party, that scene was amazing).  I’m in love with morally compromised Piper this season, I’ve mentioned it before but I love how there isn’t a single character in the bunch that doesn’t do terrible things from time to time. 

The Nicky VS Big Boo sex-off was really amusing.  Natasha Lyonne has been doing some great comedic work this season, it’s nice to know she’ll still be a part of season three(her NBC pilot didn’t get picked up).  Her and Soso having sex was hilarious, and Big Boo’s face when she sees Nicky and Brook at the movie, jeez this show.


Vee, you horrible monster of a person, how dare you drive a wedge in my OTF(One True Friendship, for those not in the know).  Poussey and Taystee are just hugging and hanging out, when BAM(!) Poussey plants a kiss on Taystee.  Thing is, Taystee isn’t a lesbian, or even “gay for the stay”, which Vee uses to drive a wedge in the girls friendship.  Lorraine Toussaint is great though, and I do really like Vee, even if she is horrible. 

I have to say, I was a bit “No, really?” when P kissed T, I do not like the idea of them being in a romantic relationship at all.  They’re best friends, there has to be some room for friendship in Litchfield too, right?  So while I’m happy Taystee didn’t return the feelings(it also seems maybe a bit unrealistic that every woman who goes into prison comes out having a lesbian relationship), I do think the whole lesbian in love with her best friend storyline is a bit trite at this point(HEY, “Faking It’s” finale is on tonight, if they don’t make Karmy happen, there needs to be a riot!  Watch “Faking It”, it’s actually really good!  #Karmy).  

Oh also, the girls all learn about the magical properties of the vagina thanks to Sophia.  Laverne Cox has been kicking ass this season, she’s been given less to do, but the stuff she has had to do has been fantastic(that scene where she made Red look “fierce” and they both growl into the mirror, oh my god). 


Oh Larry, you horrible boring sweater vest wearing son of a bitch, why must you be so boring this season.  Last year, I was just as conflicted as Piper in whether to root for Larry or Alex in regards to who Piper should end up with(Alex though, I wasn’t that conflicted), but this year…oh Larry(I could really use a “Parks and Rec’s” gif right here).  He’s just….nothing, he’s not interesting, like at all.  I think Jason Biggs is doing a reasonably good job, but why is it that aside from Pornstache(we miss you Stachey, by the way I was watching “Weeds” last night and guess what?  Pablo Schreiber and Michael Harney were both in it, and Nancy just got out of Danbury, which is the prison real Piper went to and where Litchfield is based off of, Season Seven of “Weeds” is definitely one of the weaker seasons, but I think in a weird way parts of it influenced OITNB, so give it a rewatch/watch), all of the male characters are really A) boring B) annoying C) not used enough(Piper’s brother is actually pretty awesome, but he’s barely used) or D) all of the above? 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m happy the show is predominantly female, but the male characters could use some work(Caputo is getting there slowly).  Also Polly, you too are worst.


I really love Yael Stone(if they ever want to introduce Harley Quinn in a “Batman” movie, she better be the one they cast).  We learn that Lorna and Christopher’s love affair really only lasted one coffee date, and that she had actually been stalking him the whole time afterwards.  I really loved this storyline, we saw this character who had as of now just been seen as this silly and overall nice normal girl(who can occasionally say some sort of racist-y things, but you know for the most part she’s good), and took everything we thought we knew about her and threw it out the window.   

Yael Stone killed it, and that scene with her in Christopher’s bathtub with his fiancée’s wedding veil on, chills. 


I loved this episode, it’s one of my favorites so far.  Everyone was really well utilized(well, Larry is…well Larry), it was funny, dark, and just plain awesome.




Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten Issue Three “New Rules Part 3” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: Falling Into Old Habbits


Dawn:  Xander, I love you!

Xander:  No.  You don’t. 

Well that escalated quickly.  Last issue ended with Dawn and Xander seeking the help of the dark vampire prince himself, Lord Dracula!  We’re given more answers about the new rules of magic, we get a nice little Buffy/Willow moment, and all the tension between Dawn and Xander finally culminated in the last few pages, leaving us with one hell of a cliffhanger!  Also, Dracula has Tuesday orgies now. 


This issue was a bit light on the quips, and a bit heavier on the plot which was good(there are some good Dracula lines though, we’ll talk about those later).  It was really nice to see things so light and fun and friendship-y between Buffy and Willow, it’s been a long time since we got to see the two so laid back and having fun.  The dialogue is fantastic and so true to the characters, and I hope that those two crazy kids can find love somewhere.  Also Rebekah Isaac’s has Alyson Hannigan’s likeness down great. 

Willow:  That’s what friends are for.  The people who aren’t in your life ’cause they’re related, or got for you.  They just love you.  And for the first time is ages, we’re all together again.

Buffy:  We might actually be okay, huh? Horny and frustrated, but okay.

Dracula is just loads of fun, and his bromance with Xander is great. Christos writes him superbly, and I’m really excited as to where this issue’s ending will lead. On the not so bright side though, Dawn and Xander aren’t doing too great right now. It’s actually very depressing, as someone who wasn’t even that invested in their relationship, you really got to give it to Christos and Rebekah’s incredibly expressive emotions she gives the characters. I loved the little call back(or maybe it wasn’t, and it was just a coincidence) to the finale with Dawn and Xander having a little Buffy-Spike moment at the end of the issue(“I love you”, “No you don’t, but thanks anyways.” line from “Chosen” ruined me, I didn’t even like Spike and Buffy together, but damn that line hit hard in the feels).

Dracula: I am Dracula!
*Lightning strikes*
Dawn: Whoa.
Xander: He doesn’t control the lightning, he just senses it coming. He’s not Thor.
Overall, this issue was great fun. I’m excited to see where the story is going to go next. Also to note is that Nicholas Brendon(AKA the real Xander Harris, from the television show) co-wrote this issue, and it was really good! I always like it when the actual actors write stories for the comics, it’s nice to know they’re still so dedicated to the character. He’ll be writing a lot of issues apparently. I haven’t seen him on anything television wise, I know he’s on that “Criminal Minds” but I don’t really watch that, so it’s cool he’s getting some more work. Also more of Giles playing “Grand Theft Auto” please!
GRADE: A 94%

Mtv’s “Faking It” is Actually Pretty Real and Addictive Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


You’ve got my attention.

When I saw the first few trailers for “Faking It” I thought to myself “God this looks awful, I’ll probably end up watching it.”.  The trailer and the premise that Mtv had released made the show sound like it was going to be very, very stupid.  This was what I expected, but having heard a lot of really good things about it and seeing some funny quotes I decided to give the show a try last night and binge watched it.  Then I found myself at episode six, my mouth agape and as the credits rolled I realized “God this good, I’m addicted!”. 

Now for starters, I wouldn’t go into “Faking It” expecting a laugh riot, it’s a lot like “Freaks and Geeks” in that aspect, there are plenty of funny parts but a lot of the addictiveness comes from the show’s storylines.  A lot of the funniest parts come from the many awkward situations the characters find themselves in, and the numerous exaggerated escapades of the student body of Hester High.  The show has a lot of exaggeration with certain things like hippie parents, or super cool super liberal high school students always trying to fight the man and embrace the different, but the amazing thing about the show is that it doesn’t really do stereotypes.

The characters are actually very fleshed out and realistic, and they’re not always in the right(actually about 80% of the time, they’re very, very wrong).  This show is like the anti-“Glee”, shit at Hester High is very fucking complicated.  Karma’s got her heart in the right place but she’s incredibly self-involved,  Amy is mostly very sweet and sensitive but the show hasn’t been afraid to show her doing some questionable things, Liam’s a cool dude but he’s also a bit of an asshole, Lauren is the show’s alpha-bitch but she’s much more complicated than that, and while Shane is funny and awesome he also “outed” Karma and Amy without any proof and as the last episode pointed out is much more like Lauren than either would like to admit.  These are teenagers, they’re not all fluffy adorable love struck puppy dogs who always make the right choice at the end of the day, teenagers, even the super cool liberal kind at a very open minded school, can do some fucked up shit to each other and the show isn’t afraid to show it. 

The real heart of the show is of course, Karmy(Karma/Amy, duh!), Rita Volk and Katie Stevens have excellent chemistry.  The Karma-Amy friendship/will-they-won’t-they dynamic is like watching a really sweet adorable car-crash about to happen.  Karma is incredibly destructive, but Amy is too smitten and loyal that she can’t help but keep the ruse up, even if it isn’t really so much a ruse for Amy.  One of the moments I really liked was when Amy finally confides in Shane about what’s been going on, she very quickly jumps to the conclusion that she has to be a lesbian because of her feelings for Amy, but Shane is rather hesitant to just throw a label on Amy’s feelings right away.  Had this been written by Ryan Murphy, Shane would have just told her she’s a lesbian and called it a day, but the show recognizes that sometimes things are more complicated than that, and even though if I had to bet Amy is probably a lesbian, I really enjoyed that the show recognizes that sometimes things aren’t so black and white(also props about the whole Pablo storyline in the last episode, with him being a very gay Christian and calling Shane out a bit on making assumptions.  Also that Goop reference killed me). 

I’ve read a lot of complaints about Liam’s character, and trust me I felt full on rage when he interrupted Karmy’s make-out session during the threesome(Liam McCockBlock Booker you son of a bitch!).  However I can’t really bring myself to hate Liam, mostly because I can identify with his character a bit.  He is very self involved, and I feel like he’s very self-congratulating about how open minded he is, and his desire to turn a “lesbian” is aggravating, however he’s also very relatable in ways.  I can totally relate to his overwhelming desire to make clear how liberal and open minded he is as sometimes I find myself doing the same(Liz Lemon style), and also who wouldn’t fall for Karma?  Also I found it quite fascinating how worried he ended up being during the three-way, I feel like he’s much more complex than anyone really gives him credit for. 

The acting is great, you really feel for Rita Volk, and Katie Stevens has very expressive facial emotions.  Having previously seen Michael Willett before on “United States of Tara” playing a very over the top stereotypical love interest of Marshall, Lionel, I’ve been very impressed with how great he’s been here(not that he was bad on “USoT”, but Lionel wasn’t exactly my favorite character, then again I kind of stopped enjoying “United States of Tara” after the first season, when the show just became a lot of screaming, crying, and yelling at Toni Collete for no reason).  Gregg Sulkin does a good job, though his ambiguous accent(British in real life) can be a bit grating and one has to wonder why they didn’t just tell him to go full on British.  Bailey Buntain has done a great job of making Lauren the show’s lovable alpha-bitch, love to hate character. 

As to whether or not Karmy will go anywhere, I don’t know exactly but I sure do hope so, I wasn’t really invested in it till I got to that final scene of “Three to Tango” when Karma ran out of the room, before they could start their threesome, that look on her face when Amy kissed her with all of that passion, I’m an addict.  KARMY, KARMY, KARMY, KARMY FOR THE WIN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!  I mean when Rita Volk pulled off the trench coat, revealing that very super sexy lingerie, well god damn Karma never had a chance did she?  How could anyone not be in love with Amy(poor Oliver, any chance he could recur in season two as Amy’s friend or something)? 

Overall, give “Faking It” a chance.  I did and now I’m hooked, the show is filled with some funny pop culture references, a super compelling storylines, and an excellent cast.

GRADE:  A 94%